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February 05, 2014

Pentax will announce new CMOS-based 645D medium format camera by CP+ 2014 (also: new 645 and Q lenses coming)

The Medium Format action is picking up steam again. Earlier on, Hasselblad and Phase One announced new CMOS sensors for medium format cameras and digital backs respectively. Now it is Pentax-Ricoh's turn. Pentax has officially announced that a new 645D medium format camera will be shown at the Japanese CP+ 2014 trade show (February 13-16), with the camera expected to come out in the nebulous Spring 2014.

The Pentax press release promises three features for the new camera:
+ Latest, super-high-resolution CMOS image sensor
+ High-speed response in a variety of photographic applications
+ Tilt-type LCD monitor

In the same press release, Pentax also announced that at some point in the future they will announce a new ultra-wide-angle zoom for the 645 system and telephoto macro lens for the Q system. Perhaps the strategy of an announcement of a future announcement is to signal to current and potential customers of the respective systems that Pentax-Ricoh continues to be committed to them?

There is also an interesting contrast, in the same press release, announcing a lens for a giant 645 sensor and one for a tiny 1/2.3" sensor. [Note: As Stefan pointed out in the comments, the most recent Q camera uses a 1/1.x" sensor!]

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