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February 05, 2014

New Pentax elementproof WG-series cameras now under the Ricoh brand: WG4, WG4 GPS and WG20 (with optional mounting system to compete with GoPros and other action cameras)

The Pentax WG-series of elementproof cameras is now under the Ricoh brand name. Pentax-Ricoh has announced three new WG-series cameras today, the WG-4, WG-4 GPS and WG-20. The 4s have CMOS sensors while the 20 has a CCD sensor. But that's not all. They are also trying to piggy-bag on the popularity of "action cams". Optionally Ricoh is offering a mounting system for these cameras, so you can use them as action cameras. The mounting options include suction, handle bar, and adhesive.

Being elementproof cameras, it makes them good candidates for this type of thing, and a smart way for camera manufacturers to try to find a niche for P&S cameras and piggy-back on the popularity of action-cameras like the GoPros.

Details on the new cameras at Pentax Press Release (WG4* and WG20) and Pop Photo (with close-up of suction mount).

Details specs can also be found at the B&H Photo product pages, with the WG-4 going for $330 and the WG-4 GPS going for $380 with a late March 2014 release estimate.

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