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February 11, 2014

New Canon Powershots: SX700 HS superzoom, D30 waterproof and three new Elphs

Canon has announced five new Powershot P&S cameras, one superzoom, one waterproof and three new Elph models.

The Canon Powershot SX 700 HS has a 16mp 1/2.3" backlit CMOS sensor with DiGiC 6, a 30x optical zoom lens (25-750mm eq), stabilized, with built-in NFC and Wifi, CameraWindow app compatibility, burst mode up to 8.5fps, 1080p video, 3-inch LCD, no EVF, PASM but no RAW, etc. It will come out in black or red with a starting price of $350.

While other manufacturers have been iterating waterproof and elementproof digital cameras like crazy, Canon has been very measured in its waterproof models. And now they have a new one, the Powershot D30, with a 12mp 1/2.x" backlit CMOS sensor with DiGiC 4, waterproofness up to 82 feet, shockproofness up to 6.5 feet, temperature range of 14 to 104 Fahrenheit, 5x optical zoom lens (28-140mm eq), 3-inch display, no EVF, 24fps 1080 video, etc. It has a starting price of $330.

Next up, we have three Elph models, the Elph 150 IS, 140 IS and 135, with 1/2.3" CCD sensors. As the "IS" in the model name suggests, these are powered by CCD sensors, not CMOS sensors. This means slower burst modes and 720p video among other things. The 150 IS has a 10x optical zoom, the 140 IS has an 8x optical zoom lens, while the 135 does not actually have image stabilization but it has an 8x optical zoom lens as well. The 150 IS has a 20mp sensor while the other two have 16mp sensors. The starting prices are $150, $130 and $120 respectively.

You can find them all available for pre-order at Adorama.

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