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February 23, 2014

(ENDED) Mobile World Congress Live Announcements In Next Few Hours: Sony, Nokia, Samsung, etc [updated]

The announcements happened at the 2014 Mobile World Congress on Monday 2/24/14 revealing new flagship smartphones from Samsung and Sony among other things... The original alert for the announcements is after the jump for historical reference only (the events already happened)...

The cameras in smartphones keep getting better and more and more people use smartphones to take pictures since they have the phones with them almost all the time. This week we have the annual Mobile World Congress event in beautiful Barcelona::Spain with live announcement events happening in the next few hours from the event. This includes Nokia, Sony, and Samsung among others. You can find non-stop coverage of the event at the various high tech websites including The Verge and CNet and Engadget and Tech Crunch et al. If too many new things come up, you can always check the latest snapshot at Techmememememememe and summary at Engadget which also has a preview.

Scheduled Live Events

+ Monday 2:30am New York City time: SONY - including live blog at Engadget an The Verge

+ Monday 2:30am New York City time: NOKIA - including live blog at Engadget and CNet and The Verge and streaming at Nokia's blog

+ Monday 2pm New York City time: SAMSUNG - including live blog at Engadget and Samsung "Unpacked" streaming on YouTube

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