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January 13, 2014

Vivitar shows IU860 Modular Smartphone Lens System at CES 2014

Vivitar (aka whoever owns the branding rights to the name) is taking the sensor-lens camera module approach to the next level by showing a modular/interchangeable approach to the add-on lenses. With the Sony QX and Kodak/JKI approach, you attach a sensor-lens to your camera. With the Vivitar approach, you attach a sensor-module and a lens-module. The sensor-module is fairly skinny, the lens is obviously thicker. This is a trade-show prototype system, so we have to wait for more news to see whether or when this will be an actual product.

Pictures of this prototype system were captured at the trade show floor at (computer-translated) [use your browser's search feature to search for "Vivitar" or "Viviter" - does not have permalinks to individual posts].

Given the nature of OEM manufacturing and rebranding, it is highly unlikely that this is going to be a Vivitar-brand exclusive thing if it materializes. Chances are it will appear under multiple other brands.

And while one can find modular camera fantasies in the forums dating back to the early days of digital, commercial success may be a different story, judging by the non-commercial-success of the Ricoh GXR system. Unicorns are after all donkeys with a big zit ;-)

Via and Foto Actualidad.

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