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January 29, 2014

Tablet Photography Strikes Back: Sony makes Tablet attachments for QX sensor-lens smartphone modules

For a variety of reasons, tablet photography spawned a series of jokes, jests, japes, and jeers across the internets (present company included). But a camera is a camera and a picture is a picture, and Sony is now giving tablet photography a new option, the new SPA-TA1 attachments. These allow the attachment of Sony's QX-series sensor-lens smartphone add-on lenses to tablets of different sizes. The attachments come in six different sizes, ranging from 85 × 65.6 × 33.9mm (smallest) to 190 × 65.6 × 33.9mm (largest), so in theory most tablets out there should be covered.

So far, this has been announced in Japan only with an early April 2014 release estimate and a 3,500 yen price (exchange rate $35~ USD). Announcement at Sony Japan (computer-translated).

More/via Android Authority and Xperia blog and BGR.

It's easier to explain this with an annotated picture than words...


Tablet Photographers Strike Back
Tired of the jokes and jeers, tablet photographers are striking back this week. First up, the one and only Harry McCracken at the Technologizer blog at Time starts a tablet photography pride parade with "Resolved: There’s Nothing Stupid About Using the iPad as a Camera".

Next up (on the more inspirational front), Shawn Blanc writes how iPad photography has been very beneficial to his legally blind grandfather. (via Fireball, Time).

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