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January 05, 2014

Qualcomm touts photography features of new Snapdragon 805 flagship processor

Lytro is perhaps the first company that comes to mind when people think of retro-focus and lightfield photography, perhaps partially because of the "laying of the hands" by Steve Jobs but they are certainly not the only ones involved in this ...field. There's hardware, there's software, there are apps, there's all-in-one solutions like the Lytro, and who knows what else is under development.

One of the new developments is that the retrofocus feature is "baked in" the hot new Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 mobile super processor. The current Qualcomm flagship is the Snapdragon 800 which is used by many flagship mobile devices including the Nexus 5, some Galaxy S4 and Note 3 models, the Lumia 1520, and many more.

Engadget had a hands-on with unnamed devices running on the new 805 processor and posted, among other things, a short video demo of the camera app showing the selective focus and other camera app features that are fueled by this new processor. That was last week.

Fast forward to now, and Engadget points out that the official Qualcomm YouTube channel published a trio of YouTube videos showcasing the photography-related features of this new processor.

You can also find these videos YouTube-embedded below, after the jump, so we don't crash the browsers of mobile users or annoy people with auto-playback videos... Deciding where to post videos is a lose-lose (or complain-complain) situation. If they are after the jump, some will complain why they have to click/load another page. If they are on the front page, some will complain about video playback, overloading the browsers, using up their cellular data, etc, etc. So whoever complains the loudest wins :)

PS: YouTube embeds corrected. There seems to be an issue with the new YouTube embeds when you are running multiple YouTube windows in parallel. The embed doesn't give you the code for the tab you are currently looking at. Or something like that.

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