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January 06, 2014

Potentially interesting $200 ASUS cameraphone with 13mp f2 lens, actual pen input, 6-inch screen

If you want to explore mobile photography but don't want to be hog-tied to a two-year contract or pay the big bucks upfront for one of those flagship superphones, this may be potentially interesting. ASUS just finished their CES 2014 announcement, and for the first time, they are bringing some of their smartphones to the USA market. At the same time, they launched the new Zenphone line. Especially of photography interest is the ZenPhone 6, with a 13mp camera with an f2 lens with a PixelMaster branding, low-light mode that promises up to 400% brighter photos and videos, 6-inch screen with 1280 x 720 resolution, microSD storage (up to 64GB) plus 16GB onboard, 1GB RAM, Intel Atom processor, Android 4.x, etc. Also of potential interest for digital imaging, this phone will accept input from regular pens (pens as in pen-and-paper ink pens). And a price of $200 with no contract. There is no 4G LTE, but it will work with HSPA+ and 3G. It is promising on paper but as usual, we have to wait for release and reviews to see what it actually delivers.

Early details via The Verge and The Verge and CNet at CES and Android Central.

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