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January 06, 2014

Polaroid announces new Android Instant Zink Social Touchscreen Camera and various Wifi superzoom cameras (15x to 50x)

And now time for another wave of CES 2014 camera announcements. We start with Polaroid. This time they did not copy any existing mirrorless designs, but announced a variety of fixed-lens superzoom Wifi digital cameras along with an Android-powered digital instant camera that prints using Zink (Zero Ink) technology.

The Wifi superzooms, which Polaroid calls "bridge cameras", range from 15X to 50X optical zoom ratio and have mostly placeholder pages at Polaroid with some details available at Engadget.

The most interesting perhaps is their Socialmatic camera, it loads up on the latest tech buzzwords, it runs Android, it is a Social camera, it is an instant camera (prints 2x3 inch using Zink technology), has a 4.5-inch touch-screen display, built-in Wifi, microSD storage, etc. It is expected to come out in the Fall of 2014. Merry Christmas! Via Engadget.

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