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January 16, 2014

Nikon UK confesses their Mirrorless is having hard times outside Japan and Asia

A Nikon UK marketing director, interviewed at Amateur Photographer UK, confessed that the Nikon mirrorless system is having a hard time outside Japan and Asia where both compact-er and mirrorless cameras are popular. "... If we look at the market worldwide, it's not so promising...", he said. He also said that Nikon is trying to make adjustments, with the $800 Nikon AW1 waterproof as an example of this new strategy. Not sure if the AW1 is really anything that breaks out of the mold of the 1-System in terms of bringing in new buyers, except for those few who are willing to pay crazy money for a 1-inch waterproof.

The naked truth is something like this: Both Nikon and Canon mailed it in with their mirrorless systems from an observer-photographer perspective. But while they may not be a commercial success, they may have succeed in some of their internal goals: 1) not to cannibalize their own DSLR sales, while checking the mirrorless marketing checkmark, and 2) stem the growth of other competing mirrorless systems by stealing sales from them thanks to the Canon and Nikon brand-name recognition.

In terms of pricing, the Nikon AW1 got discounted recently, the AW1 w/11-27.5mm now goes for $800 while the AW1 two-lens kit goes for $1000 at Adorama and B&H Photo. It is still back-ordered with a late January 2014 release estimate.

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