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January 06, 2014

New smaller Nikon D3300 DSLR with new 18-55 kit lens, new 35mm f1.8G SLR lens (and various Coolpixies)

Nikon is back with a new APS-C DSLR announcement, it is the D3300, the fourth in the D3xxx series. Small is the key feature here, Nikon claims significant reduction in size and weight over the previous models. To match the change, a new smaller 18-55mm kit lens is coming along for the ride. Bundled together they will sell for $650. It has a 24mp sensor but unlike its predecessors, it jumps on the Bayer-hating bandwagon (anti-anti-aliasing).

Details via The Verge and dpreview and Steve's Digicams and PDN Pulse et al. Details on the new 18-55 kit lens via

UPDATE #1: Nikon D3300 sample pictures are available from Nikon Japan, the last two taken with the new 18-55 kit lens. (via Foto Actualidad).

UPDATE #2: the D3300 is now available for pre-order with the new 18-55 kit lens for $650 in black or red or grey at Amazon. The new 18-55 kit lens is also available for pre-order on its own for $200.

New 35mm f1.8G SLR lens
On the SLR lens front, Nikon has officially announced the new 35mm f1.8G FX lens for $600. Details via dpreview and

UPDATE: the new 35/1.8G lens is now available for pre-order for $600 at Amazon.

New Coolpixies
Coming along for the ride are five new Coolpix point and shoot models, headlined by the L830 mid-size superzoom. The others are of the "pointless point and shoot" variety, S6800, S5300, S3600 etc. Details via dpreview and CNet at CES and Engadget et al.

UPDATE #1: also coming in are two very basic P&S, the L30 and L29, press release at Photography Blog.

UPDATE #2: this litter of Coolpixies is now available for pre-order.

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