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January 06, 2014

New Panasonic TZ-series flagship gets RAW (TZ60/ZS40) - also new TZ55, LZ40, ZS8

Fans of RAW, it is time to party! One of the longest running series of travel zooms finally got RAW! Panasonic's new TZ-series flagship is the TZ60 aka ZS40 and it comes with RAW capture out of the box. Along with manual exposure, the Wifi and NFC duo, 30x optical zoom lens with stabilization, EVF, 18mp 1/2.x" sensor, etc.

Hands on with the Panasonic TZ60/ZS40 at ePhotozine and Pocket Lint and Trusted Reviews. Press release and spec-sheet at dpreview. Camera body pictures of all of today's Panasonic announcements at Phototgraphy Blog.

The "deputy" model (let's give it the code name of "Festus") is the TZ55 aka ZS35. This model is available for pre-order for $300 at Amazon but the Amazon elves have not yet loaded up the rawzoomer TZ60/ZS40. But it will be eventually added to the CES 2014 Pre-Orders page.

But that's not all for Panasonic. They also continue the LZ-series with the new LZ40, a 42x optical zoom more budget camera starting at 22mm equivalent. Hands-on with this at Pocket Lint and ePhotozine and specs at ePhotozine.

Also announced is the new ZS8 with a modest 12x optical zoom lens targeting the affordable price ranges. Details at ePhotozine.

CES being a gadget show, Panasonic also revealed a gadgety creature, the W850 camcorder with a second camera for taking "video selfies" as the Pocket Lint hands-on preview states.

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