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January 27, 2014

New Fuji X-T1 weather-resistant mirrorless camera and three new weather-resistant lenses

Fuji has a new interchangeable mirrorless camera for the X system and this one is weather-resistant! You can read the press release at Fuji News and also check the detailed Fuji product page and also a dedicated X-T1 micro-site. Fuji has also published three installments in their camera design series (Exterior, GUI, Concept).

The new Fuji X-T1 is available for pre-order at Amazon as body only for $1300 and X-T1 w/18-55 f2.8-4 for $1700. They have an early March 2014 release estimate. March Madness of a different kind :)

Fuji is also announcing three new weather-resistant lenses, the 18-135mm f3.5-5.6 R OIS WR, and 16-55mm f2.8 R OIS WR and the 50-140mm f2.8 R OIS WR. The lenses will come out starting in June 2014 or so.

Speaking of lenses, Fuji has a new 2014-2015 Lens Roadmap which you can see at ePhotozine.

Fuji X-T1 Previews and such
+ preview including RAW and JPEG samples at Quesabesde
+ 7-page preview at d-preview
+ hands-on at ephotozine
+ hands-on at Pocket Lint
+ lots and lots of camera body pictures at Photography Blog
+ slides from the presentation at DSLR Magazine
+ close-up of the EVF by @fujiguys
+ spec-sheet comparison and camera body pictures slideshow at CNet
+ Focus Numerique

Fuji X-T1 Sample Images
+ fifteen JPEGs at
+ RAW and JPEG at Quesabesde (page down to find them)

Fuji X-T1 Video Previews
+ WDC? on YouTube
+ 1 minute Fuji promotional video
+ Focus Numerique on YouTube
+ videos YouTube-embedded below

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