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January 06, 2014

New Canon Powershot N100 with NFC, Wifi, 12mp, 5x IS, touchscreen LCD, etc

Here we go! The parade of new product announcements has began! Canon has announced the new Powershot N100 digital camera in black or silver that offers an additional "story telling" camera on the back of the camera, right above the display. In addition to the usual lens on the front of the camera. It also has a 3-inch touch-screen LCD display that has a 90 degree tilt with a top-mounted hinge.

On the optical front, it has a 5x optical zoom lens (24-120mm eq) with a f1.8-f5.7 and optical image stabilization. The sensor is a 12mp 1/2.x" CMOS, so no megapixel wars here. The usual buzzword features are here, DiGiC 6, Canon HS system, etc. It also adds an "Eco Mode" that saves battery and pleases the digital hippies :)

The camera also comes with "mobile era" features including Wifi, NFC, smartphone/tablet control of the camera, one-touch "Mobile Device Connect" button for easy connection of the camera to mobile devices, and things like that.

Details on the camera, along with pre-orders for $350 in black or silver, with a May 1st 2014 release estimate can be found at Amazon et al.

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