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January 29, 2014

Movie about a Grumpy Photo Store Manager resurfaces: Louis CK's Tomorrow Night

Louis CK is pushing the envelope on many different fronts, one of which is offering his work directly to consumers without DRM and with reasonably straight up prices and without control-freakish middle-men. His latest digital offering is a resurrection of his 1998 movie "Tomorrow Night", which has been "sitting in storage in film cans" for 15 years. The star of the movie? "Charles is the owner of a photo-shop. He is not too friendly...". Photographers sometimes get featured in movies and TV shows, but Photo Store Managers rarely "star" in movies! Now they get their 15 minutes of fame :)

I haven't watched it yet, but note, based on the reviews/descriptions, this is a quirky indie movie for adult and mature audiences that may offend sensitive and sheltered audience members.

You can buy the movie and digitally-own it forever without DRM for $5 at The more successful this type of an experiment is, the more people will be encouraged to offer DRM-free consumer-friendly content, without all the convoluted bolshoi theater of byzantine UltraViolet redemptions and restrictions and such.

Via Indie Wire and The Verge.

The trailer is YouTube embedded after the jump...

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