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January 10, 2014

Mega Roundup: Hands-On Reports from the CES 2014 Trade Show Floor

And now time for the CES 2014 Trade Show Floor Hands-On Reports mega-round-up! To make it easier to scan, skim and read, we are grouping the posts by camera manufacturer and within that, by individual camera or product or product group. We obviously can't find everything of interest, so if we missed anything of interest, please let us know using the online contact form.

A lot of the newly announced cameras and lenses are available for pre-order at Amazon. Your orders and pre-orders are the main source of funding for this free-for-all-to-read blog with free full-text RSS feed and no banner ads, so your help is greatly appreciated in advance!

Overall Coverage
+ camera and camcorder trends rounded up at CNet at CES
+ best of show slide show at Pop Photo

+ D4S body pictures at Focus Numerique and CNet at CES and Pocket Lint and PDN Pulse and
+ D3300 hands-on previews at Pocket Lint and dpreview and Trusted Reviews and CNet TV at CES and slide show and Thephoblographer
+ 35mm f1.8G SLR lens close-up at Photography Bay
+ 12 minute video talking to Nikon's Zurab Kiknadze at Android Central
+ booth visit by dpreview

+ NX30 first impressions at Pocket Lint and What Digital Camera?
+ WB2200F dual-grip 60x superzoom hands-on at CNet TV
+ Galaxy Camera 2 hands-on at Android Central and Pocket Lint and Talk Android
+ booth visit by dpreview

+ a5000 (aka ILCE-5000) hands-on at Pocket Lint
+ hands-on with action camera at CNet TV
+ hands-on with Sony's background defocusing app at Android Central
+ video interview with Sony Electronics president at The Verge

+ black X100S hands-on at Pocket Lint
+ hands-on with Instant Share portable instant photo printer at Pop Photo and CNet at CES and Thephoblographer
+ booth visit by dpreview

+ pictures of under development Panasonic-Leica 15mm f1.7 and 35-100mm lenses at
+ Leica Nocticron 42.5mm f1.2 has its own hands-on round-up
+ GH 4K prototype behind glass body pictures at Focus Numerique 4K
+ TZ55 compact-zoom hands-on at Pocket Lint
+ booth visit by dpreview

+ what goes on inside Canon Lenses video at Pop Photo
+ Powershot N100 hands-on at Engadget and Pocket Lint
+ booth visit by dpreview

Pentax and Ricoh
+ The Wall via Thephoblographer

+ new 18-200mm hands on at Pop Photo and Cnet at CES
+ new 50mm f1.4 Art hands-on at ThePhobloGrapher and Imaging Resource
+ booth visit at dpreview

Nokia (not Nikon)
+ 15 minute video interview with Nokia's head of digital imaging Juha Alakarhu at Engadget

+ booth visit by Focus Numerique
+ 17 minute video interview with CEO at Engadget

JK Imaging Kodak
+ previews rounded up in yesterday's Kodak announcements

Wearable and Action Cameras
+ Geonaute 360-degree action camcorder hands-on at CNet
+ wearable Google Helpouts streaming camera hands-on at Engadget (perhaps of interest if you are planning to teach photography remotely, either to friends/family or as work/for-pay)
+ Panono camera ball hands-on (slide show) at CNet at CES
+ wearable cameras (slide show) at CNet at CES
+ 17-minute video interview with GoPro's Creative Director at Engadget
+ GoPro channel heading to XBox One and Xbox 360 via The Verge
+ wearable cameras of Sony and others included in their own sections above

Other Products and Manufacturers
+ Izzi Slim iPhone case offers four different converter lens in scifi-looking setup via CNet at CES
+ Olloclip iPad add-on lens at Cnet at CES
+ LG Pocket Photo 2 instant printer hands-on at Engadget and The Verge
+ Eye-fi video interview at Engadget (was live, don't when they will make the video available for tape-delayed viewers)
+ 3D printed images help the blind see NASA's Hubble space photos via Engadget
+ Pivothead Smart Colfax camera glasses hands-on at CNet at CES
+ JVC shows 4K camera with under $2K estimated price at Photography Bay

CES 2014 In General
+ sights and sounds at
+ Intel putting a whole computer on an SD memory card via Wired UK
+ 4K monitors rounded up at CNet at CES and The Verge
+ Pepcom digital experience slide show at dpreview
+ Why Can't CES Quit Booth Babes at The Verge
+ not sure why we call them "booths" or "stands" anymore, they have turned into elaborate Hollywood productions!

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