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January 16, 2014

Laugh Out Loud Nao: two new Camera and Photography Comedy/Parody/Satire blogs

Taking life too seriously is a guaranteed way to make life more miserable. Smile and laughter are the miracle cures. Oops, this is not the "Noisy Affirmations" blog. There are thousands of photography websites and blogs and forums, and quite a few have a high percentage of uptightness and buttoned-up-ness. The world of photography needs more fun and comedy and laughter and parody and satire.

In recent months, two new camera and photography comedy + parody + satire blogs got launched. We take a look at them...

New Camera News
Tired of Old Camera News? How about some New Camera News? This is perhaps the closest attempt at an "Onion" for photography. Here are some of the many many posts over there:

+ Ten mind-blowing predictions for 2014

+ Why Micro Four Thirds is doomed

+ photographers make top ten of most bitter professionals

+ Sony, Nikon, Send White Men into Countryside

+ 24 hours with the Pentax Q0 mirrorless

+ Steve Stonewall reviews the Nikon D4S

+ Daughter with iPhone takes better photos than father with Nikon D800

+ Canon congratulates Nikon on the Df

+ NSA starts up an Instagram account

+ new Microsoft Photosynth preview

+ the joy of user manuals

+ decoding Nikon's secret plans

If you are worried your camera news will go stale, you can also follow them on Twitter where everything is fresh!

Camera Grump
John Dvorak does not hold exclusive rights to grumpiness. There's also The Camera Grump on Tumblr. Here are some of the posts over there:

+ how many dpreviewers does it take to create a Buyer's Guide

+ "only chemicals are real"

+ on Black Friday DSLRs

The Camera Grump has an appropriate Twitter profile as well:

"Photographer with a golden eye. Leading authority on optics. Renowned industry analyst and consultant. Social media expert. My opinions make a difference"

Bonus Article
Engineers/scientists are trained to be thorough, so even their attempts at humor are thorough. Ming Thein has perhaps the most comprehensive camera-photography-terminology-jargon jokes in "You know if you’re a real photographer if…".

Any Other Photography Comedy/Parody/Satire Blogs? Let us know!
Many of you are probably already familiar with the Fake Chuck Westfall. Have you found any other comedy + parody + satire camera and photography blogs? Let us know using the online contact form.

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