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January 2014 (83 posts)

January 31: New Deals added: Fuji X-E1, E2, XPro1, etc and Spyder 4 Express for $70, etc [updated]
January 30: New Zeiss 50mm f2.8 Touit Mirrorless lens (NEX, Fuji) for $1000 - with full size samples available!
January 30: Nooooooo! The word Selfie now becomes an ABC sitcom
January 29: Tablet Photography Strikes Back: Sony makes Tablet attachments for QX sensor-lens smartphone modules
January 29: Movie about a Grumpy Photo Store Manager resurfaces: Louis CK's Tomorrow Night
January 28: New Olympus E-M10 micro four thirds OM-D mirrorless camera (with RAW and JPEG samples)
January 28: New Olympus M43rds Lenses: 25mm 1.8 prime and 14-42mm EZ pancake and fisheye body cap lens
January 28: New Olympus Stylus SP-100EE 50x superzoom with "Dot Sight" (and new TG-850 elementproof)
January 27: New Fuji X-T1 weather-resistant mirrorless camera and three new weather-resistant lenses
January 26: Android Imaging Software News: Adobe Photoshop Express 2.0
January 26: Linux Imaging Software News: Shotwell moves from Yorba to Elementary
January 24: Medium Format CMOS Sensor Mania Week: new Phase One IQ250 digital back with Sony CMOS sensor
January 21: Kickstarter Meta: Photographer Haje Jan Kamps on how to succeed at Kickstarting projects
January 21: Another new round of action cameras, this time from Veho (1080 at 60fps or 720 at 120fps, 100m waterproof case)
January 21: CMOS sensor arrives at Medium Format: new Hasselbad H5D-50c is a 50mp CMOS sensor medium format camera
January 17: Lightroom for iPad $99 annual subscription leaks from Adobe's website
January 16: What's Inside? Sony artistically shows what's inside the QX100 sensor-lens smartphone module
January 16: Quesabesde Gone Wild: Fuji X-E2 vs Olympus E-M5 vs Panasonic GX7 vs Sony NEX-7 Head to Head
January 16: New Photoshop Cloud features: 3D printing, Perspective Wrap, Linked Smart Objects
January 16: Kodak S1 (m43rds) detailed specs come out
January 16: Nikon UK confesses their Mirrorless is having hard times outside Japan and Asia
January 16: Laugh Out Loud Nao: two new Camera and Photography Comedy/Parody/Satire blogs
January 15: Crowdfunding Lenses: Moment promises two quality add-on prime lenses (0.63x and 2x) for iPhones and Galaxy smartphones
January 15: Cameras get drawn in the Drone Wars
January 15: Stock Photography Gets Its Own Dollar Store
January 15: This got buried by CES news: "Two more Wake Up Calls for the Digital Camera Industry"
January 15: Top 30 patent holders in 2013 in USA includes plenty of companies that make cameras
January 14: Over 61,000 pictures in the Readers Flickr Pool
January 14: Beta for CyanogenMod: new GalleryNext app available in Google Play (Beta)
January 14: Google makes Images Search by Usage Rights easier for those who use excuses to use without permission
January 13: Camera and Lens Reviews updated again: Df, a7, X-E2, D7100, EOS M2, etc
January 13: Mega Roundup #2: Hands-On Reports from the CES 2014 Trade Show Floor
January 13: Polaroid iM1836: a new mirrorless camera prototype at CES 2014 (that does not look like a Nikon J1)
January 13: Lunacy Limited Edition: Hasselblad Lunar Limited Edition (only 200 copies availalble)
January 13: Vivitar shows IU860 Modular Smartphone Lens System at CES 2014
January 13: (ENDED) Ends by Tue 3am ET: Sony NEX-3N w/16-50mm for $290
January 12: Camera and Lens Reviews updated
January 10: Mega Roundup: Hands-On Reports from the CES 2014 Trade Show Floor
January 10: Dxomark evaluates the Canon EOS M2 mirrorless camera
January 10: (ENDED) eBook Deal: Photoshop CC: Missing Manual for $10.50 (Lonely Planet Photo Tips for $3)
January 9: Curiosity Factor: Panasonic Leica Nocticron 42.5mm f1.2 gets completed review, samples (some RAW) and hands-on previews
January 9: Kodak (JK Imaging) Micro Four Thirds System officially announced
January 9: Kodak (JK Imaging) announces two new Sensor-Lens modules for smartphones
January 9: Kodak (JK Imaging) dethrones Samsung with new 65x optical zoom digital camera
January 9: Ricoh GXR system discontinued in the UK (and maybe elsewhere)
January 9: Interview: Olympus stopped DSLR development but may return later
January 7: JK Imaging (Kodak) talks to AP UK about their M43rds plans
January 7: Panasonic shows tiny 4K wearable camera with fisheye lens
January 7: Panasonic says next GH camera will record 4K video and cost under $2K
January 7: Kodak (JK Imaging) shows 17mp Kodak S1 M43rds camera
January 7: New at CES 2014: Toshiba retro-focus module, Lexar CFast 2.0, JVC camcorders, EyeFi, etc
January 7: Kelby Training and NAPP merge into Kelby One (current members pay same prices as before)
January 7: Samsung launches a 60x optical zoom superzoom dual grip digital camera (five new ones today)
January 6: New smaller Nikon D3300 DSLR with new 18-55 kit lens, new 35mm f1.8G SLR lens (and various Coolpixies)
January 6: Nikon Development Notice: Nikon working on D4S flagship
January 6: New Sony Alpha a5000 mirrorless camera with NEX (not SLR) looks for $600
January 6: New Sigma 50mm f1.4 Art and smaller 18-200mm zoom
January 6: Official: Panasonic Leica 42.5mm f1.2 DG Noctictron M43rds lens [with preview and samples]
January 6: New Panasonic TZ-series flagship gets RAW (TZ60/ZS40) - also new TZ55, LZ40, ZS8
January 6: Potentially interesting $200 ASUS cameraphone with 13mp f2 lens, actual pen input, 6-inch screen
January 6: Polaroid announces new Android Instant Zink Social Touchscreen Camera and various Wifi superzoom cameras (15x to 50x)
January 6: Black Fuji X100S officially announced for $1300 as well
January 6: New Fuji 56mm f1.2 R XF portrait lens for $1000
January 6: Fuji officially releases new X System Lens Roadmap
January 6: The new Fuji S1: first Weather Resistant (water, dust) 50X superzoom
January 6: Fuji announces two new AA-powered EVF 50X superzooms (plus one 36x AA)
January 6: New Fuji XP70 elementproof with optional action wide converter lens (and two new pointless P&S)
January 6: New Canon Elph 340 HS with Wifi and NFC for $200
January 6: Fuji jumps on smartphone printing bandwagon with new SP1 smartphone toy printer
January 6: New Canon SX600 HS Wifi NFC superzoom and camcorders and ultra-mobile printer and mini camcorder
January 6: New Canon Powershot N100 with NFC, Wifi, 12mp, 5x IS, touchscreen LCD, etc
January 5: Imaging Processing on Tablets/Mobile could benefit greatly from new 192-CUDA-core NVidia Tegra K1
January 5: CES 2014: Schedule for Live-blogging or Live-Video Company Presentations
January 5: New at CES 2014: Liquid Image wearable camera with 4G LTE; new DJI octocopter for Canon 5D II/III
January 5: Two more Wake Up Calls for the Digital Camera Industry
January 5: Qualcomm touts photography features of new Snapdragon 805 flagship processor
January 5: Apple buys Snappycam (high speed photography camera app developed by Ph.D developer)
January 4: 53 new Camera & Lens Reviews added: Df, D610, a7, a7r, RX10, X-E2, XQ1, GM1, GX7, AW1, Zeiss, Fuji, Sigma, etc, etc, etc
January 4: (SOLD OUT) Mirrorless Deal: white Sony NEX-3N w/16-50mm for $300
January 4: Camera & Lens Reviews updated
January 2: Samsung reveals first serious NX zoom lens: 16-50mm f2-2.8 OIS [and also 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 OIS Power Zoom]
January 2: New Samsung NX30 APS-C mirrorless camera with tilting EVF and rotating Display
January 2: New Android camera: Samsung Galaxy Camera 2


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