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January 05, 2014

Imaging Processing on Tablets/Mobile could benefit greatly from new 192-CUDA-core NVidia Tegra K1

The most recent NVidia Tegra processor is the quad-core Tegra 4. Right now, at the live NVidia press event, they announced the new Tegra K1 with 192-cuda-cores. The NVidia presentation promises dramatic performance improvement, approaching laptop quality graphics, bringing the new Tegra K1 to the architecture level of their GeForce Kepler for desktop/laptop. And while the focus of the presentation is obviously on gaming, the big boost in the processor/graphics performance will also have great benefits on imaging processing. Obviously we have to wait for actual products to see how big the actual performance jump is going to be, but it sounds promising.

You can check the live presentation at The Verge and CNet at CES and NVidia's own blog.

PS: it is not a jump from 4 to 192 cores. Different types of cores. The Tegra 4 was a 72-cuda-core chip as outlined in the The Verge announcement, while the new K1 is a 192-cuda-core. CUDA is actually an acronym so it should be all uppercase but all-caps is shouting and harder to type :)

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