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January 14, 2014

Google makes Images Search by Usage Rights easier for those who use excuses to use without permission

Google has finally made it easier for people who use their Image Search search engine to search by "Usage Rights"! This was announced on Twitter by Google Chief Spamologist @MattCutts. We can thank law professor @lessig (website) for "encouraging" Matt Cutts and The Google to make this option available to the general population. Via Engadget and CNet News.

The option to filter by "Usage Rights" does not appear unless you first make a Google Images search and then click on the "Search Tools" option. Then a second bar of options appears and one of them is "Usage Rights". The default option is "not filtered by license". The other options are "labeled for reuse" and "labeled for commercial use" and "labeled for reuse with modification" and "labeled for commercial use with modification". This may not be ideal from a photography perspective, but it is definitely a step in the right direction. If nothing else, another small step in educating the general population that those Tumblr and ImgUrl pictures they love to use/reuse don't fall out of the sky like rain.

We created a simple annotated screenshot example of this new feature using an image search for "Elephants" as an example...


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