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January 06, 2014

Fuji announces two new AA-powered EVF 50X superzooms (plus one 36x AA)

If you are a fan of AA powered superzooms and you have been getting frustrated that camera manufacturers are shifting away from AA power, fear not. Fuji announced today three new AA-powered superzooms!

Two of the three have a 50x optical zoom ratio and they are essentially the same camera with one difference, one of them has wireless capabilities (Wifi), and the other does not. The wireless model is the Fuji S9400W with a starting price of $350, and the not-wireless is the Fuji S9200 with a starting price of $330. So $20 more gets you Wifi. They are expected to be released in early March 2014. So what do we call a camera without a wireless feature? Wirelessless? :)

These two 50x optical zoom cameras have a 24-1200mm equivalent f2.9-6.5. That's just crazy, 24-1200mm with five axis image stabilization. The sensor is a 16mp 1/2.x" CMOS, with 1920x1080 60i video capture, EVF (200K dots) and 3-inch LCD display on the back, side lever zoom control, 1cm super macro, etc, etc, etc. Power is by four AA batteries with a CIPA estimate of 300 shots.

The third superzoom camera of this lot is the Fuji S8600 and perhaps its defining characteristic is that it is powered by three AA batteries. That's right, three instead of four or two which are typically what we see. It is a lower spec'ed model than the 50x zooms above. It has a 16mp 1/2.x" CCD sensor, "just" a 36x optical zoom (25-900mm eq) with lens-shift image stabilization, 3-inch monitor but no EVF, 720p video (the CCD sensor), etc. The three AA batteries give it a CIPA battery life estimate of 250 shots. It has a starting price of $230 with a late March 2014 release estimate.

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