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January 15, 2014

Crowdfunding Lenses: Moment promises two quality add-on prime lenses (0.63x and 2x) for iPhones and Galaxy smartphones

One of the big benefits of the internets is the democratization of creativity. And Kickstarter and similar crowd-funding services can sometimes help make ideas come to life. One such case is a new Kickstarter project, Moment, that is making add-on lenses for the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Two lenses are in the works, a wide and a tele prime. The raison d^etre of this project (in their own words): "We were tired of sacrificing quality for convenience, so we made lenses that put photographic finesse in your pocket.". That's the premise and promise.

They already include a number of sample pictures taken with iPhones at their Kickstarter page (page down and down to see them all). They have already received more than 2X as much as their original goal. The Kickstarter levels are $50 for one lens or $100 for two lenses. Free shipping in the US, +$25 for addresses outside the US. They also have additional tiers, including one for software developers wishing to take advantage of the new lenses.

The two lenses that are part of this crowd-funding project are the 0.63x wide lens (five elements, four groups) and the 2X tele lens (four elements, four groups). The exact "equivalent" focal range depends on each phone's own built-in lens. Per the FAQ at the bottom of their Kickstarter page, more lenses will come out eventually if all goes well.


If you find this interesting but don't have and don't want an iPhone/Galaxy, they have a Google Docs form accepting suggestions for what other cameraphones to support (eg HTC One, Lumias, Nexus, etc).

More details on their blog and website and twitter.

Via The Next Web and The Verge and the rest of the internets.

Their Kickstarter video (800x600) is embedded after the jump...

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