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January 21, 2014

CMOS sensor arrives at Medium Format: new Hasselbad H5D-50c is a 50mp CMOS sensor medium format camera

The world of medium format has a new first, a CMOS sensor! Hasselblad has just announced the new H5D-50c medium format camera using a CMOS sensor instead of a CCD sensor previously used in medium format monster.

Hasselblad's press release promises the following benefits from the new CMOS sensor technology:

+ will offer a faster capture rate
+ longer shutter speed capability
+ much greater ISO performance
+ it will provide greatly improved Live Video in Phocus and will also be available with Multi-Shot functionality

The camera body will be based on the existing H5D-50 CCD MF camera but with a CMOS sensor inside and all that it entails. Thus the lower case "c" appended to the model name. Fans of CMOS sensors and giant sensors can now go to sleep at night dreaming of CMOSian miracles and wonders!

More details and prices on the CMOS version will be announced in March 2014. The previously released CCD H5D-50 model currently goes for $27,000 as body only.

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