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January 04, 2014

53 new Camera & Lens Reviews added: Df, D610, a7, a7r, RX10, X-E2, XQ1, GM1, GX7, AW1, Zeiss, Fuji, Sigma, etc, etc, etc

We finally caught up with the last 19 days of reviews. A total of 17 new lens reviews were added (lots of Zeiss and Fuji, along with Samyang, Pana-pancake comparison, Sigmas, Sony FEs, and more).

And a total of 36 camera reviews were added, so much so that they overflowed on the second page, so here they are: page #1 of camera reviews and page #2 of camera reviews. The cameras that got the most new reviews the last few days:

+ Sony a7 (four) and Sony a7r (three)
+ Nikon Df (four) and D610 (two)
+ Fuji X-E2 (four) and Fuji XQ1 (two)
+ Panasonic GM1 and GX7 (two each)
+ Sony RX10 (three)

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