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December 13, 2013

Samsung rearranging chairs: Digital Imaging and Smartphones/Mobile Move A Lot Closer

Samsung is re-arranging their digital camera chairs by blending their digital camera efforts with their mobile (smartphones, etc) efforts. The promise of this move is better cameras for their mobile devices and better products for their stand-alone cameras. A blend of the best of each unit with "synergy" flowing between the two. Or something like that slide-show wise. The move is explained in English by the Yonhap News Agency and ET News (Korea IT News).

Samsung is very successful in the smartphone business where they are throwing everything and the kitchen sink at the market (except for kitchen sink smartphones - why not?). On the other hand, despite the "good karma" of the Galaxy brand, their serious digital cameras continue to not gain traction among photographers. As to why, that's another story for another day. Perhaps part of it is because they ended their Pentax marriage too early, with the NX system not having the "laying of the hands" of a well-known photographic entity that some other mirrorless systems had (Sony-Zeiss, Panasonic-M43rds-Leica, etc)? Even Fuji, a well-known lens-making entity, piggybacked their X iLC-system on the success of their fixed lens X cameras, they didn't jump right in cold hands.

Samsung does pretty much everything these days, in a recent CNet feature they even featured their clothing/fashion, hotels and boats business. And they have deep $pocket$. So one shouldn't really count them out just yet.

Via Engadget and G for Games and The Verge

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