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December 18, 2013

Nikon AW1 gets measured by Dxomark

No rest for Dxomark, they are back again, this time they have published their Nikon AW1 report. The AW1 being a 1-System CX-mount 1-inch-sensor interchangeable lens camera with waterproofness and a starting price of $800 with a kit lens. You can use the Dxomark comparison feature to compare this to other cameras previously measured, but if you are already familiar with how the Nikon CX cameras rank (eg J3 and V2), then all you have to do is look at this Nikon AW1 vs J3 vs V2 comparison. Spoiler alert: they are the same sensor (most likely). They also compare it to some of the M43rds cameras, squaring off the 1-inch vs the 43M43rds sensor size.

For more opinions on the AW1, check the list of completed Nikon AW1 reviews, five more of them as of the time of writing.

Availability wise, the white Nikon AW1 w/11-27.5mm is in-stock for $800 at OneCall and by 3rd-parties at Amazon.

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