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December 11, 2013

Lifestreaming wearable camera Memoto (now Narrative Clip) is finally shipping to some of the early adopters

The product formerly known as Memoto, a wearable life-streaming digital camera, is now finally shipping to the first wave of 22 (?) early-backers/customers per the company's blog. Since its announcement, the product has gotten a more function-descriptive name, it is the "Narrative Clip".

This is yet another product that leverages technology to indirectly push the envelope on the application of photography in real-world situations. You may have already seen some of the real-world controversies over Google Glass and privacy. A life-streaming device automatically recording everything and everyone within sight, with or without consent and/or model release, could escalate the debates and controversies.

On the plus side, if you are a fan of more relaxed rules on photographing and being photographed, this type of mass-market blanket devices could act as the fullbacks that take most of the impact and heat of the debates and controversies, and when the dust eventually settles, it may perhaps mean more relaxed attitudes and rules for "real" photography when out and about.

This also goes to show the potential pitfalls of crowdfunded tech, the product is still quite behind schedule and some of the early backers are not happy with the combination of delays and miscommunication as you can see in the comments section over there. Judging by the pictures of the boxes, only 22 people are getting their shipments?

Via Engadget.

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