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December 08, 2013

Dxomark measures Sony a7 and Panasonic GM1 and Sony a3000

While we were lost in the land of Black Fridays and Cider Mondays, Dxomark kept posting new measurements, including those of three hot cameras du jour!

First up, they measured the Sony a7 full framer. The measureable differences between the a7 and the anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-alias a7r can be seen in this comparison chart. Page down on the aforelinked page to see how its Dxomark score compares against the likes of the Nikon D610, Sony RX1R, Leica Type-o-Negative 240, and Sony A99 pellicle.

Next up, mirror-NYET! Dxomark also measured the Panasonic GM1, and the comparison chart versus the GX7 screams "deputy" on all four counts. There is also a quite revealing comparison of the GM1 vs Olympus E-PM2.

The last of three newly measured cameras at Dxomark is the Sony a3000 with its faux-DSLR looks and mirrorless existence. This comparison shows the a3000 kicking the mirrored dairy-air of the Canon SL1/100D, but Canon has had Dxo daddy issues for a while now. A bookend comparison vs Nikon D5300 vs D5200 is interesting, but let's not forget, the a3000 is a $350 camera with a lens included. Yet it "defeats" the pellicle mirrors (A58 and A65) in terms of Dxomark scores.

As always, keep in mind, Dxomark is a specific set of tests, not an end-to-end camera system evaluation. Unless all your pictures are studio test scenes shot in a similar fashion as Dxomark, in which case...

For more opinions on the above three cameras, check their list of past, present and future reviews: Sony a3000 and Panasonic GM-1 and Sony a7.

Also: among the latest posts at you can find two sets of lens picks for the Olympus E-M1, reviews of Zeiss SLR lenses and Artsy Shiguma DN primes and mo(i)re.

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