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December 12, 2013

62 New Camera & Lens Reviews added: K3, Df, D610, a7, a7r, RX10, X-E2, GM1, G16, Otus, FEs, etc, etc, etc

Hooray! We finally caught up with the "timeline". You can find the latest "newsy" items under the News category and the latest camera and lens reviews at their respective review streams.

In this update, we added 21 new lens reviews including plenty of primes (including the new Zeiss Otus and FEs), the Olympus 12-40mm, and lots more.

We also added 41 new camera reviews to the camera reviews stream. You can see them all at Page #1 of reviews and Page #2 of reviews and Page #3 of reviews.

Among the hot cameras du jour receiving multiple new reviews were the Nikon Df and Pentax K3 and Sony a7 and Sony a7r and Sony RX10 and Nikon D610 and Sony a3000 and Panasonic GM1 and Fuji X-E2 and Canon G16 and on and on and on.

You can always follow the latest updates as they get posted now and in the future, online or by RSS as follows:

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