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November 26, 2013

Scatterbrain: Getty/AFP to pay for Twitter photos, Flickr photo books, 4D prenatal portraits, Picasa spy-vs-spy, etc

We will try to catch up with the "timeline" by tonight, because after tonight, we are going in Black Friday Madness mode. In the meantime, here is a random round-up (thus, scatterbrain) of camera and photo related buzzworthy-ish stories...

+ Getty and AFP will pay $1.2 million for using Twitter pictures without permission via The Verge - What? Not everything on the internet is free to reuse? And Getty/AFP did not know that?

+ Flickr-Yahoo launching photo book publishing service on flickr. News at CNet, first Impressions at Thomas Hawk

+ we don't have enough photo sharing websites! Which is why was given $1.1 million in funding and it is now in beta says The Tech Crunch Cake

+ inspirational film made out of Instagram photos via The Verge (someone please make a Debbie Downer narration voice over!)

+ 4D prenatal portraits via the The Verge

+ ISS Earth View to be lived streams via UrtheCast cameras via CNet News

+ SkyDrive gets automatic camera uploads via The Verge

+ Snapchat has more photo uploads than Facebook via CNet

+ Holiday Season = Food Season and CNet picks best cameras for food fetish photographers (editor's note: make sure it is "d", not "t")

+ Martha Stewart gets twitter-teased for "bad" Instagram food photos via CNet News

+ press photographers have issues with the White House via CNet News

+ Google's help in catching a pedophile reveals that Picasa is perhaps indexing and "phoning home" more than previously expected/believed via The Verge

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