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November 2013 (58 posts)

November 27: (ENDED) Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2013 Camera Deals Situation Room
November 27: Black Friday 2013 - how to make the most of the Noisy Blogs
November 27: Google confirms RAW and Burst Mode are coming as they reboot the Android camera code/design
November 26: New Camera & Lens Reviews: RX10, X-E2, E-M1, 70D, XQ1, GM1, a7, S120, AW1, etc
November 26: M&A: Leica Buys Sinar
November 26: Now shipping: Sony RX10 for $1300
November 26: Now shipping: all four Fuji X-E2 kits, body only for $1000 (w/18-55 for $1400)
November 26: Pentax K-3 DSLR gets its Dxomark Test Results
November 26: Olympus E-M1 flood gates open: Open-Box for $1350, New Condition for $1400
November 26: Now shipping: Sony a7 w/28-70mm for $2000 [and 35/2.8 FE for $800]
November 26: Scatterbrain: Getty/AFP to pay for Twitter photos, Flickr photo books, 4D prenatal portraits, Picasa spy-vs-spy, etc
November 26: Lytro gets an early Holiday Present from Apple
November 24: Fuji X System Builder Stackable Instant Rebates return (stack up to 7 lenses)
November 24: (SOLD OUT) Madness: Panasonic GH3 body only for $700
November 23: Pentax K-3: In-Stock AND Discounted: K-3 body only for $1220
November 23: In-stock Nao: Olympus E-M1 body only for $1400 [SOLD-OUT: 12-40mm]
November 22: Don't care for Black Friday Madness? These Online Camera Deals Are Live Right Now
November 21: Camera Deals in Black Friday Ads 2013: added Amazon and Tigerdirect and Overstock and eBay and Rakuten (with two crazy priced Canon DSLRs)
November 21: B&H Photo launches Pre Black Friday Sale: Fuji X-E1 w/18-55, Canon 70D 2L kit, 10-22, Pentax 18-270, Samung NX, Bolt, Lighting Gear, Lexar CF Pro, Bags, and more accessories
November 21: New Camera & Lens Reviews: Zeiss Otus 55/1.4, Sony RX10, Oly Stylus 1, Nikon AW1, Sams NX300, D610, X100S, etc
November 21: In-stock nao: Olympus E-M1 body for $1400 [limited quantities]
November 20: Fuji launches free digital magazine for the X-Series (Web, Android, iOS)
November 20: Photographer Creative Cloud Offer (no prior CS software required): $10 per month for 12 months contract
November 20: The Race to 4K: Qualcomm's new 4K Video mobile Snapdragon 805
November 20: (ENDED) Hard to Find Cameras Reality non-TV: Individual selling Olympus 12-40mm f2.8 [ends by Wedn 11pm NYC time]
November 19: New Camera & Lens Reviews: X-E2, a7, 70D, D610, E-M1, RX100ii, GX7, D5300, etc
November 19: DSLR Deal: Canon 70D with 70-300mm f4-5.6 IS for $1286
November 19: FAIL: Walmart wants you to Empty All Tanks of Flammable Liquids Before Returning a Canon Elph 115 IS camera
November 19: The IN (E-M1, X-E2, X100S, GR) and OUT Report (GM1, a7, a7r)
November 19: Olympus President says considering expanding use of common parts with Sony
November 19: RAWsumer deal: Fuji XF1 down to $200 (black or red)
November 18: (SOLD OUT) Now shipping: Olympus E-M1 body only for $1400 (ships from USA)
November 18: RAW and perhaps "removable" cameras coming to Android
November 18: (semi-ENDED) Software Deal: Corel After Shot Pro Full Version Digital Download (PC or Mac) for $20 (was $9)
November 16: New in Japan: Casio EX-10 1/1.x" compact with DNG RAW
November 15: Camera & Lens Reviews updated: 36 new camera reviews and 29 new lens reviews
November 15: New Panasonic 16mp M43rds Maicovicon sensor can record 4K video
November 14: IN-STOCK Party: silver Fuji X-E2 w/18-55, Nikon 58/1.4G, D5300, Polaroid Android, etc
November 14: Dxomark evaluates Nikon D5300 DSLR and Olympus 12-40mm f2.8 Lens [not together!!!]
November 14: (ENDED) Mirrorless Deal: refurbished Nikon J1 with 10-30 and 30-110mm for $295
November 12: Scatterbrain: BlackMagic gets RAW video, Panasonic part of Tizen association, Lytro 3D, Winter Olympics: Photos YES, Video NYET
November 11: Scatterbrain: DSLR sales falling, War Photography, Winter Olympics no to Instagrams, GoPro breakout story, etc
November 11: Canon Refurbished Deals at Canon Store: $125 off order of $500+
November 11: Revelation: Samsung NX300M is running on the Samsung+Intel Tizen OS
November 10: (ENDED) Hard to Find Cameras Reality non-TV: Individual selling Olympus E-M1 on eBay [ends by Monday 12pm NYC time]
November 10: Lightroom 5.3 RC adds support for A7/A7r, D610, X-E2, E-M1, GM1, RX10, S1, etc
November 9: (ENDED) Fuji X100S Discount: currently going for $1190
November 8: 4K Video? The SD Association has a Spec for that
November 8: (is Back!) DEAL: Panasonic G5 w/14-42mm for $300 in new condition
November 7: Pancake Wars: Dxomark evaluates the Panasonic 20mm f1.7 pancakes
November 7: New Pentax 20-40mm f2.8-4 DC WC SLR lens (and new Q System 08 wide zoom)
November 7: Tamron working on 150-600mm f5-6.3 SLR lens
November 6: Canon joins the 4K Wars with new 30-inch professional $40K display
November 6: RAWsumer deal: Fuji XF1 for $250 in all three colors
November 4: New Nikon Df = a retro-styled 35mm full frame DSLR for $2700+
November 4: RAWsumer deal: Refurbished Canon S100 for $190
November 3: Over 59,000 pictures in the Readers Flickr Pool
November 3: (SOLD OUT) Olympus E-M1 body for $1400 [limited quantities]


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