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October 07, 2013

New Pentax K3 DSLR with selectable anti-aliasing filter functionality (filter is hardware, not optical)

Hold on to those full frame K-dreams. They are not coming true today. But a new Pentax DSLR is coming true. Pentax has announced the new 24-megapixel K-3 APS-C DSLR, now the highest ranked number in the K digital series. Its 24mp APS-C CMOS sensor with sensor-shift stabilization and the Prime III engine can burst up to 8.3 fps (22 RAW or 60 JPEGs). The shutter is rated for 200,000 actuations.

The anti-aliasing filter became a topic of concentration the last couple of years and Pentax is pushing the envelope further this time around by offering the photographer the option to turn on/off the anti-aliasing filter in-camera. So no need for two DSLRs like the K5 II and IIs. Per the Pentax material, the anti-aliasing filter functionality is hardware, not optical in this case. They apply microscopic variations to the sensor at the subpixel level to simulate the effects of an optical anti-aliasing filter. Per the Pentax material, this is best with exposures 1/1000 seconds or slower.

Coming along for the ride is the new SAFOX 11 autofocus system, with 27 sensors, with 25 cross and three dedicated to low light focusing. On the metering front, it has the new Real Time Scene Analysis System with a 86,000 pixel sensor.

new Pentax K3 APS-C DSLR

More, not moire features:
+ fully weather sealed (92 seals)
+ 100% .95 pentaprism OVF
+ two SDHC memory card slots
+ optional FLU, Eye-fi Wireless, and SDXC Memory card compatibility
+ 80-51200 ISO
+ PEF and 14-bit DNG
+ magnesium alloy body w stainless steel chassis
+ popup flash *13m ISO 100), Hot Shoe (P-TTL)
+ 27 custom functions
+ optional BG-5 battery grip
+ HDMI, H.264, etc
+ USB 2.0, not USB 3.0
+ Usable lenses: PENTAX KAF3, KAF2, KAF, and KA (K mount, 35mm screwmount, 645/67 med format lenses useable w adapter and/or restrictions)
+ and on and on and on

The new K3 DSLR is available for pre-order at Adorama for $1300 as Body Only or for $1650 as the K3 with 18-135mm kit. There is also a K3 silver limited edition (with special grip and strap) for $1600.

For more on this new DSLR, check the Pentax K3 Hands-On Reports round-up...

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