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October 29, 2013

230+ physical photography books eligible for Amazon's new Kindle Matchbook program

If you have previously purchased physical (printed on dead trees) books from Amazon or if you are planning to purchase in the future, Amazon's new Kindle Matchbook Program is now live!

If you are planning to purchase new physical books, there are 230 photography books eligible for this program. Use the sub-categories on the left side to further narrow it down. These are the books classified as "Arts & Photography". There are likely even more that may be classified under other categories (eg, any subjects with extensive photography such as sports, nature, computers for the digital imaging aspects, etc). More will be added as time goes by. These 230 photography books are out of 74,000+ physical books eligible for the "Kindle Matchbook program".

NOTE: only new condition physical books sold and shipped by itself are eligible for this promotion. If you purchased it used or from any of the many marketplace sellers that also sell at Amazon, they are not eligible for this promotion.

What is the Kindle Matchbook program?
The Amazon Kindle Matchbook program is this: if you purchased in the past (or plan to purchase in the future) a physical paper book from Amazon, you can add the e-book version for either $1 or $2 or $3 or FREE. The price varies by book and by publisher as the agreements are presumably getting hammered out between Amazon and the publishers. At the moment only some books are eligible for this promotion, but if this becomes successful, more and more will be added in the future.

There are two ways to figure out if a book is eligible for this promotion: either go to that book's individual product page and look at its Kindle version [see example below] or use Amazon's Matchbook page to find all eligible matches in your account by clicking the "Find your Kindle MatchBook titles" yellow button. You need to be logged on to your account in order for their system to figure out which books amongst the ones you purchased are eligible for this promotion.

Here is an example. The Kindle version of the book "Cyanotype" by Peter Mrhar goes for $9 on its own. But if you previously purchased the print version, you can add the Kindle e-book for $3 more. An annotated screenshot crop of the Amazon product page follows right below:


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