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September 03, 2013

Sony a3000 (iLCE-3000) Hands-On Reports and Previews

In this post, we round up some of the various hands-on reports and previews of the new Sony Alpha a3000 (iLCE-3000) NEX mirrorless camera with the faux-DSLR style and looks. As we mentioned in the announcement post, this is a clever attempt by Sony to convince mythical average consumers to try a "mirrorless" camera without stepping away from the comforts of a DSLR-styled camera body. It is rare for a lower-priced camera to generate more interest than a higher priced camera in the same announcement litter (Sony NEX-5T).

Sony smartly priced this very reasonably, $400, as a take-pictures-with kit (with the 18-55 kit lens). It is available for pre-order at with a September 8 release estimate and at Best Buy et al.

Sony a3000 iLCE-3000 Hands-on Reports and Previews (Articles)
+ four page first impressions at dpreview
+ first impressions at Digital Camera Info
+ first impressions at Imaging Resource
+ lots of camera body pictures at Photography Blog
+ hands on at Pocket Lint
+ first look at ThePhoblographer
+ preview at ePhotozine
+ hands on (I think) at Tech Radar
+ web-size samples at Focus Media

Sony a3000 iLCE-3000 Opinions
+ perceptions vs market reality at Visual Science Lab
+ in the dpreview comments

Sony a3000 iLCE-3000 Previews on Video
Hands-on videos YouTube-embedded below including Engadget and T3 and ending with Sony promo videos, including a Signal by Sony hands-on...

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