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August 29, 2013

Paranoid Android: Samsung prices the Galaxy NX iLC camera at $1600 body, $1700 with lens

Sing along, all together now, Photo-Karma Police, arrest this company! Samsung went off the wall today with a rather unusually high price for their new Galaxy NX interchangeable lens mirrorless camera phone creature. It will go for $1,600 body only or $1,700 with the kit lens. Not a typo. One thousand six hundred US dollars. 2013 dollars, not 3013 dollars!

Now to give you an example of how out of touch this price is, consider this: the Samsung Galaxy S4 superphone on its own, without contract and with pristine Android goes for $650. All the Samsung NX-series cameras currently go for under $650, most of which are under $500.

So for $1300 or le$$, you can get the Samsung Galaxy S4 Flagship Android superphone contract-free, and any single Samsung NX-series camera you want, be it the NX20 or the NX300 or any of the older models.

With a price of $1,600, perhaps the only ones willing and able to buy it may be Samsung executives to spike up the charts, Billboard-style ;-)

The camera has a product page at B&H Photo but it has no price or pre-order option just yet.

Details via The Verge and The CNet and The Engadget.

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