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August 22, 2013

Opinion Soup: Mirrorless woes and diets (!), shutter shock, ISO shock, Creativity, DIY, Tips, Pro/Biz, Legal, Controversies

Put on your cable news self-righteous opinionated anchor hat! A new Opinion Soup has arrived! You can find previous and future installments waiting for you at the Opinion Soup archives...

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Camera Gear
+ the Nikon 1 System head scratcher at Sans Mirror
+ the mirrorless diet (???) by Tyson Robichaud Part #1 and Part #2
+ why people still choose DSLRs over Mirrorless at Sound Image Plus and reactions
+ my kind of cameras at Sound Image Plus
+ on testing for shutter shock at Camera Ergonomics
+ watch out Instagram, an analog tale at DIY Photography
+ on ISO improvement over time via PetaPixel
+ camera enthusiasts are intense via dpreview
+ how online ratings affect your judg(e)ment via PhotoXels
+ on writing about writing (within the context of camera gear) at Visual Science Lab
+ on the Silicon Dream failed project by F/Stop 8 (via dpreview)

+ War Photography - War Pornography - must we see blood to understand conflict? at (via DuckRabbit)
+ On Staged Photography and Integrity at Erik Kim Photography
+ new California anti-paparazzzzi law threatens First Amendment rights via Petapixel
+ AOL CEO fires employee for taking out camera during layoffs meeting via Petapixel
+ stolen picture wins photo contest via PhotoXels
+ Instagram wants connected apps to stop using "insta" or "gram" in their names via Petapixel
+ First World Child Torture! Toddlers given lemons to trigger photographable reactions via ThePhoblographer

Creativity, Inspiration, Intangibles, Etc
+ retired photographer looks back at long and successful career via PetaPixel
+ are snapshots dead? a 5-min NPR video via Duck Rabbit Info
+ the decisive moment and the human brain at Petapixel
+ the unphotographable via Petapixel
+ four photographers talk about the art and story behind their portraits via Thephoblographer
+ a question of clarity at Ming Thein
+ the "secret" of photography at Visual Science Lab
+ why I love photography by Jeff Cable at Imaging Resource
+ we need our audiences by Ctein at TOP
+ architecture by night at Ming Thein
+ camera donations can help fund Big Bert's Adventure for terminally ill children at KEH blog
+ on street photography at Steve Huff Photo
+ music series #2 at F/Stoppers
+ getting un-stuck by David duChemin
+ scratching the itch with mobile photography at Erik Kim Photography

DIY and Hacks
+ how to install a Raspberry Pi camera module at Tech Pi Radar
+ DIY tracking mount for astrophotography at AstroPixel
+ a gallon of water to stabilize a tripod at TheH20grapher

Tips, Tutorials, Lessons, Etc
+ (meta) on the noise from photo gurus and "top ten" tips and other self-appointed authorities by Zack Arias at PDN
+ how to read light in photography part #2 at F/Stoppers
+ math on F-stops via DIY Photography
+ why is the F-stop scale so weird at Photocritic
+ inverse square law at DPS
+ practical side of depth of field by Ctein at TOP
+ ten ways to break the photographers block at Photocritic
+ seven tips for photographers starting out at Tofurious at PDN Online
+ seven tips for great beach photos at Photodoto
+ six tips for shooting behind the scenes at Petapixel
+ how I shot the ESPN cover of a soccer with helmets athlete at Petapixel [paraphrased]
+ guide on aerial photography and video (video) by The Chase Jarvis Experience
+ photo-howling at the moon at Camerahoarders
+ tip on uncooperative subjects at TOP
+ what is distortion? at Photography Life and What Is Noise?
+ a lighting walkthrough of "The Wounded Solider" at DIY Photography
+ don't tell Allen Iverson! the only thing you need to do to become a better photographer at F/Stoppers
+ on starting at Visual Science Lab
+ how I got that shot at PDN Online Pulse
+ print flattening at The Online Darkroom
+ five bad habits you need to break at ARC blog
+ using filename template editor in Lightroom at Photography Life

Professional and Business
+ 19 ways to become a hated photographer at Photography Talk (via F/S)
+ Photography Pricing, how much is your Art worth? at Photodoto
+ Pricing & Negotiating: portrait of real customers for ad shoot at A Photo Editor
+ a guide to working with modeling agencies #1 at F/Stoppers
+ on smaller jobs at Visual Science Lab
+ say NO to a working vacation at PMA Newsline [ed: you have to have the luxury to say no!]
+ creative people say NO at (via APE), discussed at VSL
+ when do you just say NO? (video) at Photo Business Forum
+ on policies at Petapixel
+ what bookstores buy at PDN: Spaces Cornes in Pitt
+ why Gerhard Steidl is a book publishing master at PDN Online
+ podcast on marketing plans at Rosh Sillars and 11 marketing strategies (text)
+ podcast on marketing ideas at PMA News Line
+ tricks on Facebook page customization at F/Stoppers
+ photographing real estate at Improv Photography
+ the Art Market is Corrupt at Salon (via APE)

+ what should you do if your pictures are infringed? at Peta Pixel
+ how to protect my images online at Photo Help Desk
+ how to avoid getting stiffed on your next photo job at Photofocus
+ mystery of dead photographer found in pond in UK at Amateur Photographer UK
+ on "The Neighbors lawsuit" (no, not the Australian soap opera!) at Photocritic

+ there were so many of them during this time period that we will post them in a separate round-up since this round-up has gotten too long already

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