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August 22, 2013

New Canon S200 in Japan is a poor man's Canon S120 with CCD sensor, no RAW, no Wifi, no Touch-Screen, no 1080p

In addition to the previously mentioned new Canon cameras, Canon also announced a new camera in Japan, the Powershot S200. If that rings a bell to photographers in North America, it means you have good memory. Over a decade ago, Canon released the Powershot Elph S200 in North America [see old Amazon page]. The new S200 announced in Japan has nothing to do with the old Elph S200. Canon uses a different naming scheme in Japan. I am not sure how they plan to streamline the model naming, unless this is intended to be a Japan-only model.

Despite the high model number, the new S200 is actual not above the new S120. The new S200 has a 1/1.7" CCD sensor and a 5x optical zoom lens (24-120mm) and DiGiC 5. Without the CMOS sensor and the latest DiGiC engine, some of the speediest features are not available (1080p video, high speed burst mode, etc).

Not only that, from what I can surmise based on the DC Watch computer-translation (see below), this does NOT have RAW! *gasp*. Also missing from the new S200 is a touch-screen and Wifi.

Details at DC Watch de la Impress (computer-translated) and Canon Japan (computer translated).

Thanks to @aafuss for the tweet-alert!

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