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July 02, 2013

The Emperor Has No Clothes: Panasonic G6 evaluated by Dxomark

Both Olympus and Panasonic are releasing new Micro Four Thirds cameras in maddening succession. Such a strategy has a long list of pros and cons, however, a strategy of this kind can backfire if the waves of new models are not easily distinguishable from their predecessors.

With the above paragraph as foreshadowing, Dxomark published their evaluation of the Panasonic G6 sensor. Here is their introduction and the detailed measurements (Flash required to see the detailed results) and nano analysis of those along with the all-important comparison to other mirrorless cameras and spartan conclusions.

Spoiler Alert: The G6 results are very similar to the GF6 which were rather disappointing. Even more so since the G6 is a more expensive model than the GF6. The pre-order price for the G6 w/14-42 is $750 while the pre-order price for the GF6 w/14-42 is $600. $OUCH$!~!~!~!~

Having said all that, keep in mind, the Dxomark tests are a specific set of tests, they are not an end to end evaluation of a camera or a camera system. Unless your shooting is mainly test charts photographed the same way Dxomark performs their testing.

Speaking of which, Dxomark really needs to streamline and simplify the way they present their test results and reports. They just don't flow as they are, and the reports are bracketed by two pages that barely have more than one short paragraph each. It's not like they are selling advertising on their website, so they don't need to generate additional (unnecessary from a reader's perspective) page views. But I'm going off-topic now...

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