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July 03, 2013

Opinion Soup: Sensor Size, Mirror lockup is a conspiracy, 560+ camera bag peeks, newly found HCB interview, Pros, Fireworks photography, etc

Tired of waiting for Uncle Bob to BBQ everything his way with his slow cooking technique that takes most of the day? Find a shaded tree and be productive with a new edition of the Opinion Soup... This edition roughly covers the last two weeks... You can catch up with 70+ previous editions (and even more future editions) in the Opinion Soup archives... As usual, opinions are those of their opiners, and assuming the multiverse theory is correct, everyone is right in at least one universe...

Camera Gear
+ on sensor size by Ming Thein
+ what's in your bag? Over 560 photographers share their secret camera bag contents at Japan Camera Hunter (via ARC blog)
+ mirror lockup is a conspiracy of sorts at Improv Photography
+ the proverbial desert island camera at Ming Thein
+ EVF finders in Canon cameras are inevitable at Visual Science Lab
+ once upon a time 6mp was the Holy Grail at Visual Science Lab
+ Google Glass from a Street Photographer's perspective at Petapixel
+ truth, lies and the photographic internet at Sound Image Plus along with responses

Studio Tours
+ Teri Campbell's Food Photography Studio at Petapixel

Creativity, Inspiration, Intanginbles, Etc
+ before you sell that old camera, go back and look at the work you created with it at Kirk Tuck's Visual Science Lab Blog - Read Well!
+ don't compete, collaborate!!! at Erik Kim Photography
+ on selecting and working with portrait subjects at Visual Science Lab
+ seven mistakes every photographer makes at Petapixel
+ photographers as problem solvers at DIY Photography
+ five street photography lessons for living at Erik Kim Photography
+ photo essay, channeling Winogrand at Ming Thein
+ try new things at JPC blog
+ 50 inspirational macros at Canon 5D tips
+ 100 Lomography ideas to get you inspired at Lomodoto

DIY and Reenactments
+ how to build a Bullet Time DIY rig with a ceiling fan and a GoPro at DIY Pixel
+ how I created a 4-story tall print of one of my photographs at Petapixel
+ creating "Grenade Face" at Thephoblographer

Fireworks Photography
+ specific instructions at Photocritic
+ five unorthodox firework photography tutorials rounded up at DIY Photography

Edu, Tips, Tutorials
+ Lightroom catalogs explained at Photography Life
+ Lightroom how-tos and tips at Photography Life
+ what is Lightroom? at Photography Life
+ on image cropping at Photography Life
+ the history of aspect ratios in Cinema (18min video) at Vincent Laforet and ARC blog
+ how to shoot day-to-night time lapses at Preston Kanan (via F/S)
+ what is focal length? at Photocritic
+ metering is a wonderful thing at Visual Science Lab
+ aperture for your food (not your mouth!) at Food Stoppers
+ beginner wildlife photography tips at ephotozine
+ beginner intro to triptych photography at Canonblogger
+ what is exposure at Photocritic
+ beginner intro to shooting butterflies at Photonaturalist
+ beginner intro to filters at eFilterZine
+ death of Imogen Cunningham at Thephoglobrapher
+ opinion on the Mexican Suitcase documentary at Thephoblographer
+ opinion on Ed Ruscha's Los Angeles apartments at A Photo Editor

Photo Sharing and Mobile Apps
+ Yahoo and Flickr renege on their paid advertising free accounts at Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection
+ why we love to hate Instagram at Instagram Stoppers
+ best iPhone photography apps right now according to iPhotodoto

+ Henri Cartier Bresson at NYT Lens Blog (newly discovered interview from 1971) [via APE]
+ Aik Beng Chia at Erik Kim Photography
+ Shiho Fukada on Japan's disposable workers picture story at PDN
+ Rene Burri (video) via Petapixel via R33d1t
+ Andreas Pouptsis at Fstoppers
+ Shane Lavacher at Petapixel
+ Todd Gross at Erik Kim Photography
+ Art Wolfe at Ami Magazine in PDF format
+ Robert Paetz at Pop Photeaux
+ long video interview with former Chicago Sun Times photographer Al Podgorsky at Fro Knows Photo YouTube channel (via F/S)
+ Carlo Ricci at A Photo Editor

+ Bert Stern, 83 at PDN Pulse

Business and Professional
+ which of us dies first? the achilles heel of the war reporting business at Petapixel
+ why picky clients are a good thing at Petapixel
+ why group buying deal services are bad for photographers and customers at Petapixel
+ using checklists at
+ the glamorous life of big time professional photographers at Visual Science Lab
+ taking the medicine at Visual Science Lab
+ videographers must help one another out to combat thieves in the industry at FStoppers
+ dear client, stop cropping my pictures on Facebook at FStoppers
+ how to use Flipboard magazines for your photography business at Photocrati
+ is photobombing a new marketing tactic? at SLR Lounge

Controversies, Etc
+ birth and breast feeding photo removal controversies via Petapixel
+ is Hollywood really broken? help spark some change at Vincent Laforet
+ cultural appropriation at SLR Lounge
+ portraits of the homeless in a studio environment via Petapixel
+ on self harming at A Photo Editor
+ documenting illegal hunting of songbirds at Peta Pixel
+ my portrait with Aaron Hernandez at Petapixel

A Day At The Improv
+ 41 reasons to date a photographer at Photography Talk (via SLR L.)

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