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July 22, 2013

Opinion Soup: Lenses, Exotic Gear, Professional/Business, Controversies, Tips/Tutorials, etc

It is winter in the Southern hemisphere, a great time for some soup. Some Opinion Soup! A big helping of it actually. If you missed any previous (or future) updates, check the Opinion Soup archives. If you wrote or read any interesting camera and photography related opinions and would like to see them included in future episodes, let us know using the online contact form.

Camera Gear
+ the future of image quality is fixed lens cameras at diglloyd (free to read)
+ why are some lenses so expensive? at Photography Life
+ what makes exotic lenses so special at Photography Life
+ shooting with the legends (legends = camera gear) at Ming Thein
+ extend your DSLR with a mirrorless camera at Photography Life
+ so you are dumping your DSLR - who cares? at Sound Image Plus
+ Canon gets it wrong with the EOS M system at Sans Mirror
+ Fuji X-Trans sensor is the real deal at Sound Image Plus but the X system has issues at digLloyd (free to read)
+ amateur, enthusiast, professional at Quesabesde (translated)
+ most popular cameras at stock photography website Dreamstime at Petapixel
+ why small capacity memory cards are better at SLR Lounge
+ how can we kill the megapixel war at F/Stoppers
+ backup primer for photographers at DIY Photography
+ more confessions of a gear addict: Part #1 and Part #2 and Part #3 (via dpreview)
+ six kickass Kickstarter projects for kicks at PhotoKicks

Professional and Business
+ on photojournalism in the digital era with photography theorist Fred Ritchin at Mother Jones (via dpreview)
+ I keep hearing about the demise of our business - what's the deal? at Visual Science Lab
+ the reductio of pro at TOP
+ the importance of professionalism at PDN Online
+ on pricing your prints at PDN Online
+ using the DMCA to stop the copyright infringement of your photos at Petapixel
+ unplugged crowdsourced wedding photography at Petapixel
+ Lens Rentals and Roger Cicala feature at CNN Money (via Petapixel)
+ on Creative Commons at Photopreneur
+ my failed experiment with Creative Commons at Photofocus
+ can personality trump talent when selecting crew? at Vincelt Laforet

+ crowd sourced start-up wants to replace photojournalists with social media pictures at SLR Lounge and Petapixel
+ why camera bans at concerts are not insane, just misguided at Pop Photo
+ the policy of banning dSLRs only from concerts is ridiculous at Petapixel
+ on Rolling Stone bombing suspect photo cover and fallout at Petapixel
+ police intimidation vs photographers in Detroit at PDN Pulse
+ photographer admits staging lava photo via Imaging Resource
+ on dpreview turning into a camera store at Valentin Sama (computer translated) and/via Cateto blog and Eolake
+ are promoters going too far to protect auto racing photographers at Petapixel
+ birth photo censorship in photo contest at Petapixel
+ photographer jailed after cheating wedding clients at Petapixel
+ Terry Richardson vs Lady Gaga at Petapixel
+ Kanye West attacks paparazzi details at 11 - at Petapixel

Educational, Tips, Tutorials, Etc
+ the importance of printing from a photographer's perspective at Ming Thein and Admiring Light
+ the life of William Klein, 60 minute video documentary via PetaPixel and F/Stoppers
+ Q&A on a 1,300 person photo shoot at Le Strobist
+ light withdrawal at Visual Science Lab
+ no meter no problem at Speedlighter
+ the art of lighting from the perspective of cinematographers at Philip Bloom and Zacuto
+ photographing eye glass wearers at Photocritic
+ building a vintage backlit photo display via DIY Photography
+ introduction to street photography at Photography Life
+ five ways to improve your street photography at Erik Kim Photography
+ how to photograph a kiss without awkwardness at Photojojo
+ using blur creatively at ePhotozine
+ creating the illusion of movement in for car ad campaign at PDN Online
+ bullet time video with GoPro and ceiling fan at F/Stoppers
+ how I shot that: still life at a grand scale with sinar at PDN online
+ the art of the business headshot at SLR Lounge
+ how to pose a groom at SLR Lounge
+ action posing with white seamless at SLR Lounge
+ lessons learned photographing a blinged out boxing promoter at Eric Kim Photography
+ getting into aerial photography at F/Stoppers
+ intro to high magnification insect photography at SLR Lounge
+ tips on working with other photographers at Thephoblographer
+ the drama triangle and difficult personalities in the film industry at Hurlbut Visuals
+ Canon 5D Mark III documentary shooting setup at DSLR News Shooter
+ should you consider digital zoom in a pinch? at Digital Story
+ dynamic range: JPEG vs RAW at Revell Photography
+ benefits of mirror lockup at Scott Wyden
+ why auto white balance isn't your friend at Thephoblographer
+ 4 things to consider on time lapses at Petapixel
+ use Lightroom in two computers with synced catalog at DPS
+ create custom photo actions with IFTTT app via Petapixel
+ HDR: using glamor glow for skies at Luminscent Photo
+ beginners: what is a histogram at Photocritic and ePhotozine
+ don't be afraid to take back control of the exposure at Revell Photography
+ correcting green cast at DIY Photography
+ beginners: golden hour at Photocritic
+ beginners: how to make the most of your camera's flash at ePhotozine
+ who controls the image at ARC
+ computer screens and eye fatigue at ePhotozine
+ fix broken camera gear with sugru at F/Stoppers
+ how to create your own url shortner at Tofurious

Inspiration, Motivation, Fun
+ don't let retouched photos affect your own self image at Petapixel
+ the gift of photography by Joe McNally
+ how I caught the photo bug at Thephoblographer
+ star gazer camera can help detect sight loss via Petapixel
+ mind bending time lapses of Cityscapes Mirrored into Kaleidoscopic patterns at Petapixel and Planet 5D
+ abstracts in monochrome photo essay by Ming Thein and another one
+ why do photographers fail at Photofocus
+ you are your own worst enemy at F/Stoppers
+ facing your fears at SLR Lounge
+ front page covers from around the world at Petapixel
+ spot the Lego elements at DIY Photography
+ 33 quotes on discovery at JPC
+ irony all around us at Shutterfinger
+ it's all about you at Steve Huff Photo
+ a matter of interpretation at Luminous Landscape
+ seven photographers's take on the same light modifier, post written by maker of the light modifier at DIY Photography

+ blind photographer interview at Fro Knows Photo (via F/S)
+ Ola Billmont on street photography at Erik Kim Photography
+ Vladimir Rhys, Formula 1 racing photographer at SLR Lounge 500
+ Benjamin Edelstein at F/Stoppers
+ Lindsay Adler at F/Stoppers
+ Oleg Oprisco at Photography Life
+ Matt Leitholt at SLR Lounge
+ Travis Rice at Chase Jarvis RAW
+ Robin Whalley at ePhotozine
+ Leica's Andreas Kaufman at Focus Numerique
+ Jack Ottaway at Leica blog

Tech and Off-Topic
+ it's a good thing we stopped selling the iPhone at Register Hardware
+ best tech writing of the week via The Verge - also last week and week before that
+ abridged should be marked at Eolake
+ why decaf tastes horrible at TOP

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