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July 09, 2013

Opinion Soup: Dual Pixel Autofocus, Gear Addict, Lenses, Inspiration, Tips, Pro/Business, Interviews, SW, etc

It's been about a week since our previous Opinion Soup episode, so it is time we had another! For previous (and future episodes) check the Opinion Soup archives...

Note: the various review updates and review round-ups are delayed and will start rolling out around Thursday afternoon give or take...

Camera Gear
+ why the new Dual Pixel Autofocus shown in the Canon 70D will transform the industry by Falk Lumo
+ confessions of an ex gear addict - how buying cameras and lenses made me miserable and lost thousands at F-StopEight (via dpreview)
+ favorite lens vs lens that brings home the bacon at Visual Science Lab
+ choice, compromise, creativity at Ming Thein
+ the anti-flash manifesto? at Visual Science Lab
+ on DSLRs and mirrorless at Sound Image Plus
+ a brief history of M43rds sensors at m43 photo

Creativity and Inspiration
+ the art of encouragement at Duck Rabbit Info
+ light painting and games at F/Stoppers (very cool!)
+ p*t d*wn the dam* c*m*r* at PetaP*x*l
+ shouldn't supporting photographers be a two way street by Stella Kramer cross-posted at Petapixel (via APE)
+ the future is in your hands at Quesabesde (Spanish)
+ walking and shooting as a form of meditation at Visual Science Lab (no text, but a great idea!)
+ photo essay: trees by Ming Thein

DIY and Hands-On
+ create a neutral density filter for under $10 at Alex Wise Photography
+ setting up a scream (yes, scream) triggered photo booth at Scream Critic
+ how to turn nearly anything into a tripod for under $100 at Thephoblographer
+ camera strap tripod combination solved by Scott Wyden

Tutorials and Tips and Learnings
+ how to deal with harsh midday lighting at Photography Life
+ improving your black and white images at SLR Lounge
+ five tips for better panoramic landscapes at Panorama Lounge
+ on composition with a purpose at SLR Lounge

Digital Imaging Software and Mobile Apps
+ on the Photoshop CC outrage by David Pogue as a follow-up to previous write-up
+ how to import photographs in Lightroom at Photography Life
+ Lightroom Q&A updated at Photography Life
+ Photoshop breakdown (video) at SLR Lounge
+ processing RAW files for maximum tonal range (video) at SLR Lounge
+ best Android photo apps according to Photodoto
+ why you should follow the Dept of Interior on Facebook's Instagram at Petapixel

Professional and Business
+ the path of a generalist by Joe McNally at The Photo Society (via APE)
+ I was a staff photographer at Newsday for 22.5 days at PetaP1xel
+ pricing and negotiating: prepared foods manufacturer at A Photo Editor
+ documenting grief as a photo journalist at Petapixel
+ the economic realities of editorial photography at Petapixel
+ on permits at Petapixel
+ the economics of copyright infringement in Caplin vs Perez Hilton at Petapixel
+ on Spielberg's crash and burn commentary at EOS Ranger HD
+ on email and eBay scams at DIY Photography and The Online Photographer

+ lots of photographer video interviews by Andrew Norton (via TPBG)
+ interview with CFO of Mike's Camera (audio), perhaps the only growing camera store chain at PMA News Line DIMAcast
+ Greg Miller at Petapixel
+ photographers who shoot deep underwater at Pop Photo

Web Services and Technology
+ is Livebooks in trouble? at Vincent Laforet blog and F/Stoppers
+ Yahoo menu bar invades Flickr at CNet News
+ best tech writing of the week according to The Verge

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