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July 03, 2013

Mirrorless Deal: Canon EOS-M w/22mm pancake for $300 (or $350 with 18-55 instead)

The price of the Canon EOS-M first mirrorless camera continues to drop! In a 4th of July e-door-buster deal, B&H Photo is offering the Canon EOS-M with 22mm pancake for $300 with free shipping in new condition and 2% promotional rewards.

UPDATE: the black EOS-M with the 22mm pancake lens is also available for $300 at Amazon.

The EOS-M w/22mm pancake is also available in white color. It is back-ordered (expected 7/8/13) but you can place an order if you want to lock the price. No 2% promotional rewards on the white color.

In parallel, they are offering the Canon EOS-M w/18-55 for $350 with free shipping.

Research this using the Canon EOS-M reviews list. Keep in mind when reading the reviews, most of them evaluated this as a $700+ camera, not as a $300 camera.

While both the Canon EOS-m and the Nikon 1-System have their pluses, neither one of these two new systems was greeted as a liberator, not even by many of the hardcore Canon and Nikon fans. Some suspect SLR-protectionism led to these not-as-competitive-as-they-could-have-been mirrorless systems by the two.

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