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July 18, 2013

Catching up with the Olympus E-P5: reviews and samples

The Olympus E-P5 is the new leader of the Olympus E-Pens, and with a lot of the OM-D E-M5 insides inside it. As such, Olympus felt the need to price it at $1,000, a rather high price for an E-Pen. A price for early-adopters and must-have-it-nao fans. But fear not, every single one of the previous E-Pens got heavily discounted before it was all said and done. The only Olympus-M43rds exception is the OM-D E-M5, but with manufacturer price control, it is hard to tell whether the market is holding up the price or the manufacturer is "defending" the price point. The $500 iPad gave a lot of other manufacturers delusions of grandeur. But I'm digressing... This post is about Olympus E-P5 reviews!

We start with a photographer-priority review of the camera, with lots of real-world street-photography sample pictures included. The review is of course by Robin Wong, who shares his thoughts on street-shooting with the E-P5 and using Wifi and shooting with CCTV lenses and insect macro shooting and concluding with the conclusions.

Among the photography websites, there are two completed reviews of the camera, at two photography websites that are typically among the first to publish reviews of hot cameras du jour. The reviews are waiting for you at ePhotozine and Photography Blog. Both include their customary standardized test scene, ePhotozine has the ISO-range color-chart and Photography Blog the ISO bookcase. For premium members, there is a review at Kamera & Bild.

Next up, we move to the general technology websites. Two reviews are out here as well, at CNet America and CNet Australia. There are many different CNets out there, each one with their own review schemes.

How about some samples? The all you can eat samples buffet is open at dpreview with real-world samples, dissected in the dpreview comments. More real-world samples are waiting at

If you feel like some pixel-peeping, perhaps even some RAW development pixel-peeping, the standard test scene for the Olympus E-P5 is ready at Focus Numerique. Both JPEG and RAW samples are available. FN compares it in the same post with the OM-D E-M5 and the Panasonica GX1 and the Fujitsu X-E1 and the Sony Bravia NEX-6.

For more reviews, check the list of completed Olympus E-P5 reviews.

The camera is slowly coming in-stock at reputable online dealers. The body only is in-stock for $1,000 in black by various at Amazon and B&H Photo and in white by various at Amazon and B&H Photo. A number of the kits are also in-stock at Adorama.

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