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June 17, 2013

The DSLR show: SL1 (seven reviews), T5i, D7100 Infrared conversion, D5200, A58, K-5 II*, K50/K500 getting e-book, etc

This covers DSLR-related action roughly from the last couple of weeks, since our previous DSLR Digest. Ideally we are not supposed to fall behind by so much - ideally... For previous and future DSLR reviews, check the DSLR reviews category stream...

The Canon SL1/100D Show
+ SL1 aka 100D reviews at CNet Reviews and Camera Labs and ePhotozine and Les Numeriques and (translated) and
+ SL1 measured at Dxomark
+ SL1 ISO comparison at Focus Numerique, JPEG and RAW, vs D5200

Canon DSLRs
+ 5D Mark II hosts Canon super-tele-photo comparison staring the 200-400mm f4 IS at Lens Rentals blog
+ T5i aka 700D reviews at Digital Camera Review and dpreview (see also impact review alert)
+ T5i lens data added to previously published dpreview review
+ T5i ISO comparison at Focus Numerique, JPEG and RAW, vs D5200 vs T4i/650D
+ 6D opinion at Photocritic
+ 1D X firmware 1.2.4 available via CPN Europe

Canon DSLR Video
+ 1D C in-camera workflow at Hurlbut Visuals
+ SL1 for video at Cinema 5D
+ 5D Mark III RAW Shooter Guide for $20 at and by EOS-HD

+ D7100 infrared conversion at The Mansurovs aka Photography Life
+ D7100 reviews at Neocamera and Photography Bay
+ in-stock: D7100 digital field guide in paper format by J. Dennis Thomas at Amazon and Barnes and Noble
+ D5200 review at Imaging Resource
+ Nikon UK has Lens Simulator (via ephotozine
+ many Nikon DSLRs are eligible for the stackable Nikon Instant Rebates (expire 6/29/13)
+ Nikon D3s crash test at Pixelistes (via ARC blog), YouTube-embedded right below...

+ K-50 and K-500 will get a camera e-book guide by Yvon Bourque
+ K-50 and K-500 hands-on at Pentax-Forums
+ K-5 II and IIs combo review at dpreview (see Impact Review alert)
+ K-5 II review at Imaging Resource
+ K-5 IIs review at Imaging Resource
+ K-30 vs Ricoh GR by Pentax's Ned Bunnell

Sony Minolta
+ Sony A58 reviews at Photo Club Alpha and AP UK and Les Miserables
+ Sony A58 ISO comparison at Focus Numerique, JPEG and RAW, vs SL1/100D vs D5200

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