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June 19, 2013

Opinion Soup: Camera Gear, Creative Cloud, Interviews, Inspiration, Tips, Professional/Business, Controversy, Etc

A new Opinion Soup has arrived! Previous (and future) editions are waiting for you in the Opinion Soup archives... This episode covers the last 25 days or so, so it is jam-packed and overloaded and ready to crash your browsers! 100+ links waiting for you right below...

Camera Gear
+ creating a camera gear testing lab in the house at Sony Alpha Lab
+ will we be saying goodbye to traditional CCD and CMOS sensors any time soon at DIY Photography
+ why the camera industry clings onto the design of early SLR bodies at Petapixel
+ why not bi-focal and tri-focal lenses? at diggLloyd (free to read)
+ math and focal length and crop factor at Petapixel
+ everything about camera lenses at Photocritic
+ ten classic lenses at Quesabesde
+ a Nikon user spends a week with a Canon at SLR Lounge
+ on Fuji X System viability at diggLloyd (free to read)
+ where's my professional mirrorless camera? at Petapixel
+ Nikon D400 is definitely coming at Photography Life
+ defending the Leica Vario X 107 at Sound Image Plus
+ why are people bothering with compact cameras? at Petapixel
+ if I were CEO Part #1 and Part #2 by Ming Thein
+ on camera pricing by Thom Gearophile
+ street photography and medium format Ming Thein
+ Kodak's problem child at Petapixel
+ the thrill of old cameras on eBay at thephoblographer
+ good EVFs and bad EVFs at Neocamera
+ what is a memory card revisited at dpnow
+ is there an ideal sensor size multi-part series at Camera Ergonomics: Introduction and 35mm Full Frame and APS-C size and Micro 43rds and 1-inch and smaller than 1-inch (previously featured in stand-alone post)

Creative Cloud and Imaging Software
+ not impressed with the photographer features at Stuck In Customs
+ the truth about the Adobe upgrades at Photogrpahy Life
+ on the Creative Cloud by cTein at TOP
+ odious oligarchs at Blog Beebe
+ did Adobe just kill the megapixel race with Photoshop CC? at Sound Image Plus
+ why you should be offended by the pirating of Photoshop at F/Stoppers
+ Adobe on creating photo software via F/Stoppers
+ Lightroom vs Photoshop Elements at Photography Life
+ why aren't search engines making better use of social media for image search? by Thomas Hawk
+ we need a better way to block bad actors on flickr by Thomas Hawk

Creativity and Inspiration
+ the value of a random thank you and paying it forward by Vincent La Foret
+ be true by RC Concepcion at Kelby Insider
+ ten ways photography can change your life at Petapixel
+ inspiration is just for amateurs at David Du Chumin
+ successful photographers share success karma in 16 minute video via Petapixel and also talk about their iconic shots
+ the Tao of street photography at Erik Kim Photography
+ reasons to love photography part #1 and part #2 at PDN Online
+ fight the photogra-FEAR at Petapixel
+ portraits of people revealing their deepest insecurities and issues on camera at Petapixel
+ photography and poetry at The Online Darkroom
+ photographer shoots 100+ photos a day with home made camera at F/Stoppers
+ build your own 35mm camera (Lomo Konstructor) at Pocket Lint
+ art with dollar store objects at Dollar Store Lounge
+ personal statement by Philip Bloom
+ proposal through the lens at F/Stoppers
+ how I caught the photo bug at Thephoblographer
+ your first 10K photos may include some of your best at Petapixel
+ are you making YOUR photographs? at Lighting Essentials
+ an amazing wedding at Digital Pro Talk
+ remain unapologetic at SLR Lounge
+ 30 guys that bring back faith to Instagram photography at Photodoto
+ long exposures at Alex Wise
+ the editor and the creative process at Thephoblographer
+ five reasons not to become a professional photographer at Thephoblographer
+ 22 quotes on art at JPC
+ photo essays: SF Monochromes at Ming Thein and New York Cinematics and Sudanese wedding and Fukuoka

Tips, Tricks, Tutorials, Teachings
+ what makes a good nude photograph? at PDN Online
+ how to use a reflector at Photography Life
+ how to shoot a fire breathing street fighter at DIY Photography
+ how to shoot a studio product photo of a gold watch at Petapixel
+ how to build and balance a $30 steady cam at DIY Photography
+ nine weird tricks that actually work at Improve Photography
+ step by step installing Magic Lantern at Petapixel
+ how lenses assist story telling Part #1 and Part #2 by Hurlbut Visuals
+ you can shoot street photography with a tele lens at Shutterfinger
+ what is dynamic range? at Photocritic
+ using flickr's 1TB for more than just pictures via Petapixel
+ most common problem in nature photography at Photo Naturalist
+ photographers have been lying to you all along at Chase Jarvis
+ tips for photographing large weddings at PDN Online
+ I don't use lighting equipment because I care about you at Caring Pixel

+ Annie Leibovitz (67 second video) at Le Guardian (via APE)
+ Jim Mortram at Petapixel
+ Platon at New Republic (via APE)
+ Kelly Lin at Photography Life
+ MattB1987 at ephotozine
+ Brooke Mayo at Crash Taylor
+ Scott Wyden Kivowitz at On One blog
+ Tomas Leach at Erik Kim Photography
+ Shane Lavalette at Petapixel
+ Malcolm Daniel at Photowings (via APE)
+ Benjamin Edelstein at ePhotozine
+ Franscesco Romoloi at ePhotozine
+ Larry Price at Imaging Resource
+ Ashlee Gray at F/Stoppers
+ Coty Tarr at FStopppers

Business and Professional
+ the ethics of photo manipulation at Luminous Landscape
+ what happens to your photos after you are gone? at Blackstar Rising
+ my failed experiment with Photoshelter by Photofocus
+ on photographer websites at Petapixel
+ the case of the disappearing professional media photographer at Photography Life
+ specialize or perish at Petapixel
+ hiring a second shooter for wedding photography at Photography Life
+ Yahoo CEO not making friends with professional photographers at Black Star Rising
+ blogging for photographers: creating a community and dealing with negative comments at Professional Photographer magazine
+ why you need insurance at F/Insurers
+ California labor laws and work made for hire agreements at A Photo Editor
+ unpaid internships ruling at DIY Photography
+ pricing at Lighting Essentials
+ the myth of work life balance at PDN Online
+ should you stop blogging? (podcast) at Rosh Sillars
+ one person providing both still and video photography to a client at Visual Science Lab

+ Stephen Colbert on Chicago Sun Times firing all photography staff via SLR Lounge
+ Google hypocrisy on Google Glass Privacy Concerns at Registered Hardware
+ Buzzfeed gets sued for $3.5 million by photographer for unauthorized use of photo at ThePhoblographer and Pop Photo and Petapixel et al
+ Cosplayers end up on custom-photo-body-pillows at Pop Photo and Petapixel
+ images pulled from Reportage at Photocritic
+ on banning airbrushing at Daily Mail (via APE)
+ child photoshopped to be obese for government PSA via F/Stoppers
+ Rodeo bans professional cameras at Petapixel
+ sues City for Gothic at Gothic Pixel
+ Justine Bieber takes camera and memory card, gets sued at Petapixel

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