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June 02, 2013

Nikon relaunches Stackable System Bait promotion with Stackable Lens Discounts (maximum 4 lens discounts per shopping cart)

Fuji is not the only one launching stackable system bait promotions today! Nikon has re-launched their stackable system bait promotion. It has been so long since Nikon did this before, I can't even find the blog-post describing that promotion! This promotion expires June 29 in 2013 or earlier/later if sold-out/changed/extended/cancelled/etc.

The promotion is available at Amazon with all cameras in one page. The most effective way to find it at B&H Photo is to look for your Nikon DSLR of interest and click on the link below "Buy Together and Save" to see the available options. The way to find them is the same as we outlined in the visual tutorial for the Fuji System Bait discounts.

There is a limit this time around. A maximum of four lens discounts per shopping cart. So it is one DSLR and up to four lenses. If you need more, you can start another purchase in a new shopping cart with the same limits.

Time permitting, we will try to have a more detailed breakdown later on.

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