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June 13, 2013

New JVC JY-HMQ30 is a 4K video camera that takes Nikon F-mount lenses (product announcement!)

This one is not a teaser and it is not a rumor! JVC has announced the JY-HMQ30, a brand new 4K digital video camera that takes interchangeable lenses. What lenses you ask? Why, Nikon F-mount lenses! Nikon has not yet dipped its toes into the world of digital video - since unlike Canon, Panasonic and Samsung, it does not make video cameras. So one way for the Nikon F-mount to make inroads in the world of digital video is for others to make iLC video cameras that take Nikon F-mount lenses!

Its Japanese direct sales price will be 1.7 million yen and orders begin June 13 in Japan. Resolution is 3840 by 2160 and it has a 8.29mp CMOS sensor. Based on the computer translation, this is a "1.25 type sensor" and the video camera offers manual focus and manual aperture, no AF luxuries. It records on SDXC/SDHC cards. It is a portable/handheld type of a video camera (handheld from a professional video perspective, not handheld from an average consumer perspective).

Details via Engadget and AV Watch Impress and JVC Kenwood itself.

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