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May 20, 2013

Yahoo announces Flickr update and upgrade: 1TB of ad-supported space for FREE!!!

The May 20 Flickr announcement from Yahoo is here! It was overshadowed by their $1 billion purchase of Tumblr, but Flickr is getting some attention too! In addition to a new remodel that puts more emphasis on the photographs, Flickr has also announced 1TB (terabyte) of free space for all!

There is a catch, as it is almost always the case, the 1TB is ad-supported. But who else is offering 1TB of free space? Still, the ads may be a deal killer for some.

Coming along with the free 1TB and redesign is a new remodel of the Flickr Android app at the Google Android Market Play. Sign-in is required before you can use the app.

Details at the Flickr blog. Discussion of the new development by Flickr power-user Thomas Hawk.

As Thomas Hawk points out, "Flickr Pro" will not be available for new customers, but existing Flickr Pro members have the option to continue the Pro service in grandfathered status. Hawk also points out that if you want a second terabyte, you can get it for $500 per year. 1TB is roughly 33 full 32GB memory cards.

Those of you frustrated with the pre-Mayer Flickr may resonate with this quote from a Yahoo senior VP, reported at PC Magazine: "According to Adam Cahan, senior vice president of mobile and emerging products at Yahoo, Flickr had become about words, little images, and blue links. "Flickr really was not about the photo anymore," he said."

Tech Crunch was at the event and summarized the happenings. Tech Crunch also points out that Yahoo is moving into the previous New York Times building. A move that perhaps is equal parts symbolic and equal parts practical?

Ms Meyer appears to be a lot smarter and internet savvy than her predecessor. The "free 1TB" is the type of thing that can go viral across different segments of the internet, and already it has made Flickr a trending topic on Twitter, the arbiter of things important and ephemeral.

More coverage via Techmeme.

Discussion in the The Verge comments and more.

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