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May 10, 2013

(ENDED) Raining Panasonic M43rds Lightning Deals on Friday

The Friday round of lightning deals expired. For future specials, check the Camera Deals blog with the easy to remember shortcut url The expired Panasonic M43rds deals for Friday 5/10/13 are after the jump for historical purposes only. These deals are dead as a doornail...

There is a new wave of Amazon Camera and Photo Lightning Deals for Friday and today's theme is Panasonic M43rds cameras left and right! The madness starts at 1pm ET and continues throughout the day. A total of seven Panasonic M43rds kits will be offered, with the GF5, GF3 and G5 models in various colors and kits (some body only, some with 14-42 kit, some with 14-42mm X Power Zoom, one with 14mm pancake).

You can see them all at the Camera and Photo Lightning Deals widget or the Gold Box All Deals page. Or if you prefer, you can check the detailed breakdown at the Camera Deals blog that includes links to reviews for each one of the aforementioned Panasonic M43rds mirrorless cameras. We do not know what the prices are going to be ahead of time, so YMMV as to how good the deals might be...

UPDATE 11:28pm ET
Only one deal is left, the black G5 body for $400. The rest have sold out and/or expired...
UPDATE 3:52pm ET
The first two turned out to be hot deals and sold out, so this bodes well for the remaining five specials. If interested, make sure you are ready to go when they go live. The next waves of specials go live at 5pm ET, 7pm ET and 9pm ET. Check the links above for more details!

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