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May 04, 2013

Opinion Soup: Google Glass, EVF vs OVF, Lenses, Megapixel Myth, Bag Quest, Jealousy, Loner vs Team, Fair Use, etc

If it's Sunday, it's Meet The Opiners. As usual, please note opinions are those of their opiners. We try to feature a wide range of opinions for a variety of reasons, it doesn't mean we agree/disagree with every post posted here... For previous episodes, check the Opinion Soup archives.

Google Glass (photography related)
+ Google Glass and the Terminal Velocity of Photography at Duck Rabbit by Lewis Bush
+ Change is Good by Thomas Hawk

Camera Gear
+ my camera must have an electronic viewfinder (why I hate optical viewfinders) at Camera Ergonomics
+ the truth behind the megapixel myth at SLR Lounge
+ is DSLR Video Dead? panel video at DSLR News Shooter
+ Third Party Lens Manufacturers on the rise at Photography Life
+ on lenses and surveys and kits at TOP and a sacrastique classification by TOP at
+ what constitutes value? at Sans Mirror
+ on the discontinuation of the Hasselblad V series at Blog Beebe
+ the Cinderella Mirrorless Bag at Sans Mirror
+ mirrorless shipments down Y2Y updated at Sans Mirror
+ thoughts on M43rds at The Camera Store blog
+ Samsung still low on self-esteem at Sans Mirror (previously posted in Samsung NX2000 announcement round-up)
+ on Fuji financials at Sans Profit

Software, Sharing, Apps
+ Photoshop vs Photoshop Elements at Photography Life
+ four food photography apps recommendations at Rachel Ray Connects Dpreview

+ Leica lifestyle without buying an actual Leica at DIY Photography by Lightism
+ how I shot it: beauty concept shot at SLR Lounging
+ how to create professional time lapse videos from start to finish at Peta Pixel
+ bridal portrait edit at SLR Lounge
+ how to use a full manual lens on a Pentax DSLR (video) at Pentax Forums
+ how to take space shuttle pictures if you are transported back to the 80s at Peta Pixel

Learnings (Tips, Tutorials, .Edu, Etc)
+ tutorial on light meters (11 minute Vimeo video) by Mark Vargo via Imaging Resource and Petapixel and discussed at Reddit
+ how to direct your subjects when shooting street photography at Eric Kim
+ what's the order of importance when making a beautiful portrait? at Visual Science Lab
+ use a bean bag (wildlife photography) at Photography Life
+ IR tips from the IR Queen at Luminescent Photo
+ stopping motion with shutter speed infographic by Scott Wyden
+ working with Strobes during the day (7 min video) at SLR Lounge
+ make time and create networks to develop your photography at Photopreneur
+ words of advice (video) from Ridley Scott at Vincet Laforet

Creativity, Inspiration, Etc
+ jealousy will drive you mad at Steve Huff Photo
+ changing my mindset from loner to team player at Visual Science Lab
+ get your creative juices flowing at a creative museum at Tips From The Top Floor
+ sand sculptures at Flickr blog
+ stop selling yourself to photographers at F.Stoppers
+ F*ck the SATs via Chase Jarvis
+ "awwwww!" moment: six photographers offered free DSLRs to a college student interested in photography and was asking DSLR recommendations at TOP

Interviews and Talks
+ photo editor for news organization looking at all marathon bombing photos at Xojane (via APE)
+ Mitch Feinberg interview on his Boston Magazine Marathon Tribute Cover at American Photo Magazine
+ Matthew Jordan Smith at SLR Lounge
+ 17 minute TED Talk by Sebastiao Salgado via What Blog Is This? and TOP
+ Idris Khan on exploring the creative process through imagery at PDN Online

Controversial, Etc
+ on Mike Brodie's freight train teenage sub-culture photography book "A Period of Juvenile Prosperity" at The Guardian (via dpreview)
+ Mother publishes pictures of daughter and wild animals at Animal Affinity, gets featured at Slate, generates all kinds of questions (via PetaPixel)

+ flowchart to "help" in finding the best Creative Commons license via Peta Pixel and Pop Photo
+ on the landmark altering photographs is fair use case at A Photo Editor
+ documentary shooting, how do we make it play? video panel at DSLR Video Shooter
+ building wealth as a photographer at F.Stoppers
+ taking your photos off the net is the worst thing you can do if you want to retain copyright during the UK photogeddon orphan works rights grab at Duck Rabbit
+ the enterprise and regulatory reform act of 2013 and how it will affect photographers at Duck Rabbit

Etc, Etc, Etc
+ the Digital Transition, 1994-2011 at TOP

Tech Opinions
+ Amazon isn't killing Best Buy, blame Best Buy IT by Cringely
+ on Google Glass at Cringely
+ best tech writing of the week according to the Verge: weeks of April 28 and April 21

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